Playing ketchup. With mustard and onions.

I have so much to catch up on blogwise, workwise, lifewise. And trying to squeeze actual SLEEP in somewhere … CHAH. I apologize to all my blog buddies for being MIA lately — I’ll be back making the rounds soon. I’m just a bit sleep-deprived and crazy at the moment. Outstanding items include:

1. Auds’ Dinner Party Post. I swear, Auds, it’s coming. I may even do TWO to make up for my tardiness. Narrowing down the guest list is hard but I’m ALMOST there. Swear on MP’s Scooby Snacks. Which is what I’m bringing, btw.

2. Sharing the love. Lately I’ve been bestowed some pretty great awards by some pretty great bloggers. I need to tell you all about it and pass ’em on. Not to mention update my pathetic sidebar. Oh, and MEMES. Still have a few hangin’ out there.

3. Chronicle. Things like last week’s swim lessons. And last weekend’s boating excursion. And Bobo flagging down ANYONE to come get us out of the middle of the LAKE as we took on water. And the start of MP’s gymnastics in a few days. And my Olympic aspirations. And MP’s outta control eczema explosion.

4. MORE Hawaii. Speaking of explosions, I STILL have to tell you about the volcano. Because, seriously, how often am I going to walk on old lava flows and inhale VOG. (Volcano + Fog = VOG. Shockingly, this is a word I did NOT make up.) In the dark with flashlights, no less.

5. Men coming out of the woodwork. Suddenly, all my friends have decided to have their single guy friends CALL me. And EMAIL me. Complete strangers. I have reacted as only I know how — sticking my fingers in my ears and singing “LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEEEEAR YOU” at the top of my VOG tainted lungs.

6. Guest Posts. I’ll be over at McMommy‘s sometime this week. And at Co-Worker QB’s place. McMommy’s post is ready to go, but QB, gotta tell ya, I have NO idea what will fly out of my butt. Consider yourself forewarned.

6. Work. I scored a very cool freelance job! And all because of the blog! It’s only about eight hours of work, but totally up my alley. Oh yeah — it’s due in the morning.

Which is my cue to get back on it …



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11 responses to “Playing ketchup. With mustard and onions.

  1. forgingahead

    You go girl! Congrats on the freelance gig and the rest will fall into a lovely (if sometime teetering) tower. Way to keep that wicked sense of humor sharp!

  2. I get ya. Take your sweeeeet time.

  3. QB

    I know, I know…i’ll twittle my thumbs until your ready. And stuff that flies out of your butt, though sometimes stinky is usuall…wait. nevermind. I’ll see you at my place when you get there. Come as you are.

  4. I think it’s appropriate to let memes and awards sit and ‘season’ a little.

    That’s my excuse.

    We’ll be right here, don’t worry.

  5. I’ll do my part in the Mommy Pie cause – I will take a nap on your behalf. I know, I know, I’m a real pal, but what can I say? I’m just a giver like that.

    On a serious note, if there’s anything with which I can help, let me know. I’m on it.

  6. Thanks for jumping over from Foolery! I’ve seen mommypie all over the place but I haven’t ever clicked over. So I’m glad you broke this ice. I was wondering why you said your blog was unconventional…now I get it. Your life sounds like a movie that I saw…not sure which one…anyway, I like your writing and sense of humor!

  7. Tapping my foot. Tapping my foot. Oh — wait, I’m behind too…really REALLY behind.

    Cancel the foot-tapping. We’ll all be here eating soggy pizza when you come skidding in sideways.


    Foolery (who is so damn sleep-deprived that the last two nights combined don’t add up to ONE good night’s sleep)

  8. The freelance thing sounds intriguing. Good for you!! I found a freelance gig, too, but unfortunately it had nothing to do with my blog. No, I had to shamelessly whore myself out and throw myself at the mercy of those with money for that one.

  9. Okay, I TOTALLY thought you made up the word VOG. So it was too funny when you noted that it was amazing that you hadn’t.

  10. I remember VOG well. It’s no fun when the trade winds aren’t blowing and the volcano is spewing and the humidity stands at 90%, is it?

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