Proof positive that an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

Last night I looked at the video footage from Hawaii for the first time and I just about peed my pants.

This was our last night at the house. Three had already flown home, which left Cannonball, Hamster and me. And a pool. And a video camera. Oh yeah. And ALCOHOL.

And this is how Cannonball got her name.

Honestly, I cannot BELIEVE I’m actually showing you this. Fair warning: it was a late night, and I look like a like a pile of hot cross dog crap. Helluuu no makeup. And it’s probably only funny to a few people, i.e., the three in the video. Those weird voices and lip movements? Yeah, we were on some Japanese movie trip. Just ignore it — we’re 11. Needless to say, as you’ll probably figure out, there were quite a few margaritas involved.

AND, most importantly, don’t watch it more than once (like you would anyway), or you’ll want to punch me in the face for the constant LAUGHING.

It’s safe to say I’ve never been called a mean drunk.



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15 responses to “Proof positive that an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

  1. This was too funny -I particularly liked the “Blair Witch Project” angle when Hamster ended up in the water fully dressed.

  2. Okay, that is priceless. I love times like that…

  3. Can I come on your next trip with you? I am an eleven year old too becasue I just laughed so hard my coffee shot out my nose. That was awesome. Oh and I still havent’ done the meme. I suck.

  4. Teaching an 11 year old to cannonball is worth it’s weight in margarita salt and throwing a fully clothed friend in the pool is fierce (in a Project Runway kind of way) but the fact that you captured it all on video is PRICELESS

    LOVE IT! Ya’ll are too funny!

  5. I knew, once Hamster walked out, how that was going to end. PRICELESS! The splash, just off camera made me giggle, and loudly!

  6. That is too much, and I totally can play the 11-year-old, call me for your next trip!

  7. I hope we’ll be rooming together at the next BlogHer. AND I hope the hotel has a pool.

  8. KD/The Mom — Should totally do a West Coast 11 yr old Party.

    SDM — Um, CHAH we’re rooming together! (That means yes, btw.)

  9. goybacs

    That was so much fun, I’m counting that as my vacation…too funny!

  10. Finn

    Why did I leave early?

  11. I am totally up for hanging like an 11 year old. My kids are too mature for me. Oh I did the 10 random things meme finally.

  12. That was Hi.Larious. I almost peed my pants, and I don’t even know ANY of you. I’m so glad you had the balls to post that.

  13. I suddenly miss the hell out of my girlfriends!

  14. I need to go find some girlfriends like that. I have two or three, but they don’t know each other, and are all three exquisitely different.

    Guess that’s why I love Bloggywood so much. Can I come hang with you and be 11? I can mature to 11 if I try reeeeeally hard.

  15. I have a feeling if the two of us got together the average age would drop well below 11.

    And I mean that in a FANTASTIC way!

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