A diamond is forever. So’s that chocolate stuck to my butt.

Last night was my monthly networking cocktaily thing. Every four weeks it’s hosted by a different area business — this month it was hosted by a jeweler. Whoever thought this one up is nothing short of genius. Offer 20 different wines to 100 women, some with their spouses, get them loaded and provide the perfect setting for impulse shopping.

And, just to ensure your prey is feelin’ good and primed to buy, offer this.

I’ll have an extra shot of endorphins, please?

In addition to Co-worker, my good friend Megan and I spent a LOT of time admiring these beauties, made by a local chocolatier. Come to think of it, we paid more attention to the chocolate than the jewelry. Which is good for my overdrawn bank account. Not so good for my arse.

Someone plays dirty.



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23 responses to “A diamond is forever. So’s that chocolate stuck to my butt.

  1. hemmesfamily

    That is so ingenious!
    Sounds like a night filled with things women love.

    I came across your blog from visiting Laural at Mamasphere. I’m enjoying your witty posts!

  2. and what beautiful chocolates they were! Definitely not fair.

  3. My sister worked in a jewelry store and they did the same thing. I tried to stay away, although if knew they had chocolate like that…

    Glad you had a fun night out.

  4. Those look too pretty to eat. As if that would stop me.

  5. I left before the chocolates?? DAMN IT!! I AM SOOOO PISSED RIGHT NOW. Ok, I’ll stop yelling. But, I’m so… uuuccchhhh.
    Those are the best chocolates EVER.

  6. Dirty, indeed!
    That’s some pretty sharp marketing right there.

    I still need to know what kind of work I need to be in to warrant an evening of diamonds, chocolate, and wine. I’ll go back to school and everything!

  7. That is freaking GENIUS!

    I took my husband’s co-worker’s new wife into Tiffany’s last week while we were downtown at the meeting because she had never been. I am sure that my husband’s co-worker is thinking of the perfect way to thank me for introducing her to the little blue box.

  8. another co-worker

    Note my NAKED ring finger pointing to the chocolates! Aside from the fact that my diabetes forced me to only eat one chocolate. Will it never end???

  9. I NEED THAT CHOCOLATE! They’re gorgeous! So much more attractive than the jewelry. That is definitely where I would’ve spent most of my time, next to the gorgeous chocolates, gorging.

  10. littlemansmom


  11. can’t relate to the chocolate thing… just doesn’t “butter my bread”… speaking of bread… i am a carb hound. i love fries and anything with starch in it. good, greasy, fried goodness. you can take your chocolate AND your jewelry. only jewelry i own are gifts – i never purchase any for myself.

    what a great picture i just painted of myself…

  12. So here’s the deal. I’m so NOT a chocolate person either! If it’s sweets, it’s gotta be hard candy. But these were seriously ORGASMIC.

    The one that killed me?

    The Gulf of Mexico. “Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt) blended with Milk Chocolate ganache.”


    And the jewelry? I’m normally not really a jewelry person either. I don’t even wear earrings. But something about the wine and the chocolate did something to my head that actually had me asking “how much is that topaz necklace?” A phrase I would never have seen coming out of my mouth.

    I’m tellin’ ya. They were EVIL.

  13. Because, as you know, the four Cs of jewelry are

    caramel, and

    The fifth C is rarely discussed: CASH, of course. The sixth C is verboten: CELLULITE.

    I just talked myself into a chocolate craving and a healthy dose of self-loathing.

  14. Hmpf. I need to move to your town!

  15. I suddenly have an urge for some chocolate . . . damn you Mommy Pie with today’s post!


    No, seriously those ARE some delicious looking choccies there. So fess up, how many did you have?

  16. My PMS remembered the box of Caramel and Chocolate Trail Mix in the pantry and thanks you profusely!

  17. What the? Who the? Those are pretty.

  18. Erin

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t there because there wouldn’t have been any chocolate left for the rest of y’all.

  19. I’m not a jewelry girl, but that chocolate…

  20. Holy Macarel… Do you have any idea that I am PMSing and almost jumped through my computer screen to get at the chocolates?

  21. Oh. My. God. Forget the jewelry, give me that tray of chocolate. The one with the flowers? Divine.

  22. Yummy! That chocolate looks delish but I am sure the jewelry would have one me over!

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