From the minute she woke up.

Mama, when we go to Hawaii can we see the dolphins? Because I love dolphins. They’re my FAVORITE. And can I get a blue Hawaii skirt? And a pink one. Cause I only have GREEN. Mama? Did you see any coconuts when you were in Hawaii? Can we put a straw in them and drink the milk when we go there? And can we have one of these pinecones? [Now looking at Oriental Trading Company catalog] I mean pineAPPLES. Is there a wishing well around here? Cause, wishing wells make all your wishes come true. And Mama? Cameron and Kamber have monkey aminal hats, and I want one too. Can I have the horsey one pleeeeaaaaseee? The sun is really hot today. Is it almost winter? By August, the tomatoes will be covered with snow! And the tomatoes will eat it all up. ‘Cause ya know, tomatoes have to EAT? And can I have that bag? The one the lady in the picture has? So I can take it to Hawaii? And put Gingy [her stuffed dog] in it? Ya know, I wish for a lot lately. And can I have my own ki-tar? I would like a musical instrument. I see two different ones. One is pink and one is blue. They’re almost the same. See Mama? I would like the purple because purple is the beautifulist. Looks like it’s going to storm today. But the sun is still out.

Thanks for letting me have some of the stuff, Mama. It’s really nice to let people have the things they want. That means it’s sharing and helping out.




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21 responses to “From the minute she woke up.

  1. She is fantastic. And you know what? My girl has been home from Hawaii for nearly six months and still talks about it almost daily. 🙂 Skirts included.

  2. Oh good grief that is so my three year old who, at this very moment, is dressed in his Spider-Man costume (from last year) wearing flip-flops as we head out the door to go get his haircut. At the salon I go to. I GIVE UP.

  3. I think she is so precious! Makes me want to just give her a big hug. MP and my girls would get along so well – they are also motor mouths with the “I want everything” condition. ; )

  4. Oh, snow eating tomatoes..might make them juicier, right?

  5. she’s the bomb. love her! of course, I’m out of earshot…

  6. Considering how much my 2 year old Gemini talks already, I may have to invest in earplus by the time she is 4. Its still pretty kick-ass though huh?

  7. .wav files…! We need .wav files!

  8. That is so awesome, but mostly because it’s not one of my kids doing it. Heh.

    She really is adorable, and all this? Just proving she’s got fabulous verbal skills. Lovely. 🙂

  9. I remember that stage. I learned to tune her out from time to time. Now, she is 16, and has learned to tune me out ALL of the time……….Hahahaha!

    I posted your meme today. Sorry about the format change. Time was of the essence:)

  10. mydoppleganger

    Ok. Maybe I’m not so anxious for Claire to start talking…

  11. forgingahead

    Awesome dialogue! Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

  12. My four year old won’t stop talking, either. Even when I lock myself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet, she sits outside and talks to me through the door. Heaven help us.

  13. i dread the day my daughter gets to this age. because my son, at 4 1/2, is pretty damn quiet. and i appreciate that. but, my daughter at 2 is already grating on my nerves. not that i don’t love my kids…

    but yeah, mp’s adorable. we love her. 🙂

  14. I love to read other people’s childrens’ chatter. (MP is precocious and adorable, that’s for sure.) But my elder daughter has been doing that — just like that — since before two years old, and she’s now 7 1/2 and I’m getting high blood pressure!

  15. Just found you blog! hmmm. My kids are teens and the similarities are mind blowing!

  16. I say we put MP and Matty together and let them talk each other into oblivion while you and I drink into oblivion to dull the noise.

  17. Too cute but I am sure it was cute as it was happening. My little one is on the verge of talking and I can already tell he is going to be a chatterbox.

  18. Heh … Just think. In a few years she’ll be “One time at band camp” on you!

    She’s fantastic. I hope she keeps up the good work.

  19. Talking about Hawaii and hawaiian skirts NEVER gets old… Except when you have to hear it ALL DAY!

  20. I like her self-reflectiveness. “I wish for a lot lately.”

  21. That sounds suspiciously like my own inner train of thought. How did MP get inside my head?

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