And somewhere the Queen of England is driving a tow truck.


Yesterday, the Absurdly Delicious and Crazytown planets aligned to create the convergence of TWO, count ’em, TWO crazy car encounters. Both during lunch.

First came as I was walking out of the office. Guy in parking lot. Pucca Shell necklace. 80s blow dried mullet. Getting into an over-sized red pickup with the license plate Get Wild.


I frantically fumbled for my camera phone, but by the time I got it together, the moment had passed and Magnum was gone.

The next moment came as I was sitting in the Taco John’s drive thru. THIS pulled up and parked.

Slow on the draw again, I missed the driver getting out of the car.

Allow me to paint a visual.

Larry the Cable Guy. Not the real one, but close enough.


It’s a sign. The world, she is AWESOME.

Photo borrowed from these guys.


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16 responses to “And somewhere the Queen of England is driving a tow truck.

  1. LOL… you certainly are easily entertained aren’t you? seriously, i *love* the people watching and i get all “WTF?!” when i see certain unusual types too. easily entertained, indeed.

    bummed you missed mullet-man though…

  2. How awesome for you to get such a lovely gift from the universe. In my hometown, the annual “best personalized plates” award went to one person over and over in the ’90s: the recently-divorced female driver of a red Mercedes convertible with the tags: WAS HIS. Every time I saw that car parked at the mall, I used to giggle.

  3. Actually, Her Maj joined the service in WWII and was trained to be a driver. Here you may see Second Subaltern Liz Windsor changing a tire.

    Or a tyre, I suppose.

  4. Now that you mention it, I DO remember learning that somewhere – thanks! Love the photo.

  5. How funny ! I am just glad that even though you were unable to snap the shot you provided us with visuals. Hot sexy indeed!

  6. There is a lawn service truck in a neighboring county with the tags CUTN14U ! I laugh EVERY time I see it:)

  7. Bahahaha — I LOVE that!

  8. Must have camera ready at all times !!


  9. deb

    In our little town we have a soccer mom who drives a suburban with a sticker that says “Fuel Slut” Gotta remember to get a picture.

  10. Turnin’ tricks at the gas pump. Schweet.

  11. Erin

    You’ve got to check out So. Hilarious. Be warned: you might become a mullet hunter yourself.

  12. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I went to the site and it was like a train wreck — I could NOT look away! I seriously am now a mullet hunter.

  13. Oh my god, the lips. That’s too funny. You know he was driving his girlfriends car without an ounce of shame. Imagine what SHE looked like.

    I tried to snap a picture of a license plate the other day, except I was driving at the time and using my phone. I’m pretty sure that violates our new cell phone law here in the golden state. And, I can’t even remember what it said now.

    Sorry for the incredibly lame anecdote.

  14. I totally would have taken pictures too. AWESOME-NESS

  15. When all those mullet wearers grow old and bald the mullets become fiercely, defiantly long, at which point they are called SKULLETS.

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