Mixtape Monday!

If you’re REAAAALLY bored, and want to see what’s in my iPod, head on over to Myra’s place at We Make Three — she’s featuring me on her awesome weekly series, Mixtape Monday! Which is seriously one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen on a blog.

Love it — thanks Myra!



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4 responses to “Mixtape Monday!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you came over to my house. L.O.V.E your mixtape!!! I’m thinking the doogs here have some seriously good taste in music. Hmmm… who’s next?

  2. Very cool idea.

    From her site I linked back to your post that hooked her. I hadn’t read it before and it’s a powerful mini-bio. I’m sorry about MP’s father, but look at you doing it ALL and in style!

    You’re a star!

  3. Okay, so I was bored and headed on over to check it out. What a cool idea! And, you have a great mix there.

  4. We have similar tastes! I forgot about Squeeze, that will go in my next download.

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