Doogs Weekend 4: What’s in YOUR bathroom?

I used to ask this question when I’d interview job applicants. Of course, I worked in publishing, so the question was related … but I always thought it would make a great question for ANY kind of interview.

What magazines, if any, do you subscribe to?

Consider yourself interviewed!



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48 responses to “Doogs Weekend 4: What’s in YOUR bathroom?

  1. Me, personally? None. Not a one. Definitely not Radar or People. That Redbook over there? That’s Bill’s, as are the Cosmo and the Us Weekly. Clearly, he has issues…HA! Issues. Gawd, I crack myself up. Anyway, probably Bill should seek help for his problem with subscribing to nearly any magazine he peruses at a checkout once or twice. I mean, really, Star magazine? Has he no shame at all?

  2. That’s awesome. Clearly, he’s a very secure man. 🙂

  3. I got reader’s digest, and cosmo.

  4. ADDitude, Organic Gardening, Cook’s Illustrated, Threads, ReadyMade, Backyard Poultry, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Sunset, Real Simple, Craft.

    Kind of a magazine whore here.

  5. OK:

    O At Home
    Entertainment Weekly
    Black Enterprise
    Working Mother
    Family Fun

    I also buy All You and Real Simple. And if the $1 store has a Ladies Home Journal or Family Circle with a good recipe on the cover I’ll get it. I’m also waiting for Good Housekeeping which is a freebie from

    Are you sorry you asked yet? ;^)

  6. You’re the QUEEN! Holy smokes, woman! I have to say, I can totally relate though.

    Oh yeah. You need to get to know blissfully caffeinated. See below …

  7. @mel… holy schnikes!

    i don’t subscribe to any magazines, but BB’s great aunt got him a subscription to Highlights. and my husband subscribes to playboy… our bathroom contains a mountain of playboy magazines which teeter atop the back of the toilet. nice, eh?

  8. LOL — THAT’s the house I grew up in!

  9. Real Simple (I switched from M.S. Living because I felt so inferior)
    Wine Enthusiast
    Backpacker (I have no idea why I get this, seriously it just started arriving this summer)
    Outdoor Life (again this has shown up with out ordering it, can we stop this one please)
    Prevention (Although I didn’t order this one either, I am starting to enjoy it. I must be getting old.)

  10. My dad gets Prevention — I actually kinda like it too.

  11. Cooking Light (I stopped paying for it 2 years ago, but they keep sending it)
    Love of Quilting
    McCall’s Quilting
    American Patchwork and Quilting
    Quilter’s Home
    Quilter’s World
    Quilt Maker

    I get wild when new a new quilt magazine arrives. The kids know to leave mommy alone with her obsession.

  12. Vanity Fair
    US Magazine
    Traditional Home (decorating, not politics!)

  13. I get Parents and Cookie, but I rarely actually read either one of them. I SHOULD get People and US because I’m forever buying them at the grocery store. Gotta love all that useless gossip!

  14. Us Weekly
    Us Weekly
    Us Weekly

    Barack Obama’s book “Dreams from Father”

    Classroom Direct catalog (umm..yeah, I’m not a teacher. I’m just a dork that loves looking through all the supplies and furniture made for classrooms. If I ever get rich, I am going order everything from that catalog to outfit my playroom for the kids.)

  15. Stars! They’re just like us!

    US Magazine is the BEST.

  16. Us Weekly [blush]
    Real Simple
    Highlights for Kids – for the kids, of course. I’m not the one trying to find everything wrong with the picture on the back cover or anything.

  17. Us Weekly
    Family Fun
    Popular Science
    Lego Magazine
    TV Guide

  18. Magazines that my husband thinks I subscribe to:


    Magazines that I actually subscribe to:

    Domino (and I anxiously await every awesome issue)

    Better Homes and Gardens

    In Style


    Magazines that I sometimes subscribe to:

    Vanity Fair

    Rolling Stone

    Martha Stewart

    Magazines that my mom sends me gift subscriptions to:

    Readers Digest

    Magazines that show up even though I know I never subscribed to them:


    Magazines that I should subscribe to because I buy them every week at the grocery store:

    US Weekly

    Magazines that I quit subscribing to because they were making me feel bad about myself:


    Love this topic! Fun!

  19. YOU need to get to know Mel, a Dramatic Mommy. See above.

  20. Erin

    Outside (a gift subscription from my dad)
    Parenting (just started showing up)
    Health (my favorite)

    And you?

  21. Well, the weekend IS supposed to be all about YOU guys, but okay. If you insist. 🙂

    Cookie (the BEST BEST BEST parenting mag EVER.)
    Fly Fisherman (My dad gets me this every year. We’re a fishing family. Which I LOVE. Reading about it though … meh.)
    Highlights Hidden Pictures (This is an awesome mag for interaction with your kids.)

    Occasionally, when I’m feeling flush I’ll subscribe to:
    The Week

    I stopped subscribing to fashion mags. Because it’s just not as important to me anymore.

    I stopped subscribing to home magazines. Because they made me want things I couldn’t have.

    I throw away the obscene number of catalogs I receive (unless it’s kids catalogs). Again, because I got tired of WANTING. Do you know how liberating it is not to WANT so much?

    My guilty pleasure and shameful vice is US Weekly. I refuse to subscribe because I’d just feel TOO guilty. But I pick it up and the store a few times a month.

    And I give the following gift subs:

    National Geographic to Poppy
    Country Home to Grammy

  22. Mothering



    And Pottery Barn if that counts?

  23. Our household gets :
    Entrepreneur magazine
    Family Fun
    Simple Scrapbooks
    Cooking Light
    Beverage Enthusiast
    Us Weekly
    Midwest Living

    That is it I think! We don’t even get a chance to read all of them, I don’t even think I have cracked the cover of the scrapbook mags. We also get a 3 or 4 local magazines a month that are free publications. Lots of wasted paper!!!

  24. I don’t subscribe to it, but UsWeekly is the best shitter mag evah.

  25. seachange

    I subscribe to:

    National Geographic
    Atlantic Monthly
    Cooking Light
    Landscape Architect & Specifier News

    None of these are ever in the bathroom. The bathroom is for activities.other than reading. 🙂

  26. Used to subscribe to People but cancelled because it made me feel shallow. But now I buy it pretty much every time I’m at the grocery store, so who wins, really?

    Now I just get Parenting (because I’m totally clueless and need as much help as I can get), and Reader’s Digest (which I’ve been getting for about 8 years but HAVE NEVER PAID FOR OR SUBSCRIBED TO. I do not know how this happened. It’s like they’re trying to FORCE me into AARP territory long before my time).

  27. I subscribe to
    both were free. I used to get Parents but that ended. I like the freebies. Mostly because I rarely read the whole mag and why waste my money?

  28. Magazines I subscribe to: None
    Magazines I slide under the cereal boxes and broccoli at the checkout line: National Enquirer, US, OK!, In Style.

  29. I’m so down with the tabloid shame. The flabby swimsuit bodies and no makeup issues are a MUST.

  30. We had rewards left over from a credit card that we closed. So instead of bringing the choices of subscriptions home for me to pick out (I would have chosen “InStyle,” “Real Simple,” “People”), my husband picks out “Horse Illustrated,” “Dwell,” “Architectural Digest,” and “bon appetit.” Horse Illustrated? What in the world? We don’t have a horse!

  31. None.
    Catalogues are my friend.
    I look at the pictures and make up my own stories!

  32. Don’t want to give too much away, but you’ve all mentioned THREE mags I used to work for! One of them I even helped launch! WOOT WOOT!

  33. I don’t subscribe to anything. I’m a check out lane impulse magazine shopper.

    I’ve got something for you over at my place.

  34. another co-worker

    Real Simple (which is kinda funny, if you know me)
    O (becuse someday she’s gonna build a house for me)
    Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food (actually lots of great quick and healthy recipes in there)
    Martha Stewart Weddings (because I’m a wedding planner and I’m still clinging to the small hope that someday Andy wil break down and propose)

  35. Down East & Natural Health
    …and an embarassment of catalogs. (Seriously — Design Within Reach? WTF?)

  36. I can totally relate to threeundertwo – I am addicted to quilting as well! We get:
    Quilting Arts Magazine
    Cloth Paper Scissors
    American Quilter
    Quilting Quarterly
    Love of Quilting
    Cooks Country
    Cooks Illustrated
    Tropical Fish Hobbyist
    Car and Driver (hubby)
    Maximum PC (hubby)
    Living Buddhism

    Uh – that’s all 🙂

  37. I get my People and US Weekly fix when I visit my sister as she get those.

    As for this house, we get:

    Family Fun
    and loads of catalogs I like to peruse during my morning potty time!!!

    Fun post!!

  38. I, surprisingly, don’t subscribe to any magazines/catalogues. But if I did (and these are ones I pick up at the check-out line, Borders, etc):

    -US Weekly
    -Real Simple

    -IKEA (for life!)
    -Pottery Barn

    Any of my friends will tell you–I pretty much can’t resist grabbing a People, wherever I am, when I see a new issue out. And I save them. Why? Don’t ask me!

  39. Ok, clearly, I’m not the most “magazine educated person” but here’s my list of what I pay for but never read:
    Glamour (actually, I stopped paying like 2 years ago, but they still send it to me)
    Montana Magazine
    National Geographic
    Martha Stewart Weddings (for my business)

    Hubby Bee:

  40. aliasmother

    Oh man, I love magazines. There are some great ones listed here. I had to go cold turkey a few years ago but now I’m thinking about subscribing to some again. Real Simple keeps trying to lure me in, but I remember being one of those snotty people when it first came out (“Isn’t a magazine about buying stuff to keep life simple an oxymoron?”) and now I WILL NOT GIVE IN. But it’s so damn pretty.

    We only get (in order of increasing boringness) Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, and the Journal of Light Construction (seriously…SNOOZE) for my husband’s job. Oh, and Playboy. Which I read cover to cover every month.

    I’m thinking about resubscribing to Bookmarks, but it made me feel bad about how little I read.

  41. littlemansmom


    Country Living

    ….I used to also subscribe to Todays Parent and Parents…but somehow, we out-grew them….

  42. Kids have a crapload of gift subscriptions. Dunno which ones. Penthouse? Maybe.

    Chas gets some golf ones, The Nation (yeah, he’s a Pinko Commie Bastard and I love him), ESPN maybe? and The New Yorker. I used to read The New Yorker, which I love, but now I read only the internet.

    NOT kidding.

    No mags for me.

  43. call me weird, i only get digital scrapbooking. hubby gets dirt rider. son gets national geo for kids. i check out O, Real Simple, Bon Appetit, Martha, and in style from the library simply for the ad inspiration. i rarely read the content, except the masthead. it always intrigues me. i mainly look at the designs and think about how to translate them to my scrapbook pages and card designs.

    i’m way too practical. i hate spending money on paper i’m going to throw away. but i love browsing in them.

  44. Magazine subscriptions are like Lays Potato Chips…you can’t have just ONE.

    You start out easily enough perusing the checkstand 17 Magazine when you’re a tween, and before you know it, Aunt Wilhelmina has gotten you your very own subscription. Not to be outdone by Aunt Wilhelmina, Aunt Gertrude gets your a subscription to Teen Beat AND TigerBeat!

    Aunt Meta on the other hand grumbles under her breath about how those old hags (her sisters, naturally) have no culture and makes sure you have a lifetime (and I do mean LIFETIME, I am in my 25th year of getting this) subscription to National Geographic.

    This went on for years and years, and as the old Dutch aunts died, so did the subscriptions…except for National Geographic. My LIFETIME subscription has followed me through 22 states, 4 continents and more moves than I can count.

    So it should be no small surprise that the following can be leafed through in our loo at any given time:

    National Geographic
    New Yorker
    GAVIN (for us broadcast dweebs)
    Radio Magazine
    Rolling Stone
    Down East Magazine
    New England Living
    Family Circle
    Country Living (we have never subscribed but it just keeps coming and coming)
    Reader’s Digest
    And some various British mags the hubby can’t live without on this side of the pond.

    I’ve written for two of the above magazines and will probably keep receiving them until the day I die…or longer.

  45. Wow. They really make that many different Quilting Magazines? Hehehe.

    I have a free subscription to Entertainment Weekly for signing up with Netflix, and that’s about it for this broke Single Mom.

    However, since I bought my dildo from a catalog, I now receive stupid porn mail. GRRR.

  46. I’ve been getting Entertainment Weekly since 1997.

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