Just a few of the reasons I belong in Hawaii.

The Hawaii recap is definitely going to have to be broken into a few posts. There are so many beautiful sights to share, and to muddy them with sweaty luau dancers, volcano-fart humor and all-around drunken stupidity would be incongruous, to say the least.

I’ll save the stories for tomorrow. And the next day. And by the end of the week, you’ll be so sick of Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, you’ll be sorry you asked. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots.

I’m missing it already.



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25 responses to “Just a few of the reasons I belong in Hawaii.

  1. Gawjuss! I wanna go to Hawaii! Gimme palm trees or give me death!

  2. Love the volcano and the sunset! I wanna go!!!!

  3. These photos are gorgeous. I wish that I was there. Right now. Beam me up and over Scotty!

  4. Oh man, I know how you feel. Hawaii sucks you in and you never want to leave. I never had island fever.

    Course maybe if I’d moved into that 2 bedroom house with 10 other chicks like I’d planned I would have developed a island fever…..or crabs, either one.

  5. Liz

    Amazing pictures…but they only serve to make the drab walls of my office and the view out the window of the on-ramp even more depressing.

    I want to be in HI.

  6. Wow. Hey, jealously! You get that, I got public urination, offers of drugs, and $.99 beers. You win!

  7. Lovely pictures! I’d have been scouting for cast members of “Lost” the entire time. Hey! Is that Jack or Sawyer? 🙂

  8. Finn

    And all I kept thinking was, “How come she keeps taking pictures of the sky?” Artist, I’m not! Can hardly wait to read your version of events.

  9. Mmmmm, but where the heck are you in your bikini? I bet you looked HOT.

  10. I might hate you just a teensy bit. Except I think probably you feel way worse looking at those pictures than I do. You poor thing.

  11. What kind of fruit is that.. simply beautiful! I loved Hawaii too… went to Waikiki a couple summers ago. But let me tell you that long flight from the east coast over is HORRID. I looked like Miss Piggy when I got off the plane- my legs had turned to hooves they were so swollen! Needless to say the only lei’n going on at first was me on my back with my ankles elevated to ease the puff.

    On another note I LOVE SPAM!! This was heaven for me!

  12. I’m packed. When do we leave?

  13. OMFG!!! I leave for Hawaii a month from Monday! I’m totally going to stalk the crap out of you until you give me all the hot fun things to do while I’m there! Which island did you visit?

  14. mmmmm. . .toes in the sand. I am so there.

  15. I can smell the star jasmine!! Yum, beautiful shots!!

  16. Oh, hadn’t realized you were on Beeg Island, Brah. Thought you were on Maui. Beautiful photos, and you got a frangipani picture! My second favorite after bougainvillea, although I have no idea how to spell it.

  17. Beautiful. I long for a vacation.

  18. We’re not bug Hawaii fans (gasp!) but those pictures may change my mind.

  19. OMG! Those shots are STUNNING! They look like they should be in a travel magazine . . . or on a Bad Ass Blog!:)

    I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures and to read about all the fun stuff you were able to do!

  20. nearlynormalized

    Stay there long enough–you too can get island fever…That happens after twenty years.

  21. Those belong in a calendar. Seriously with the talent, MP!

    Now where’s the girls in bikinis? (Or the Speedo one pieces?)

  22. OK I am envious but what were you doing in MY Hawaii!!
    (just kidding..)
    Gorgeous photos!

  23. Great captures.
    Next time though can’t we all go?

  24. Can you believe one of my best friends used to live in Hawaii? She and her now-husband moved back to the MIDWEST because they said it was an “island” so they could never leave and something about there were no Olive Gardens.

    Yeah, I’m not sure why they are still my friends either.

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