A day at the fair with Bobo.

So, I’ve been sitting here going through 500+ photos of the Hawaii trip — trying to narrow them down is turning out to be kind of a mammoth task. I volunteered to organize photos from five cameras, and the blog possibilities are endless and overwhelming at this late hour. Plus, Paranormal State’s coming on at midnight, and Deb at San Diego Momma is telling me I HAVE to watch.

To backtrack a little, you need to know my camera is broken. My dad lent me HIS camera for the trip, and when I went to download pics tonight, I found a bunch he took a few weeks ago at the county fair.

So, I’m posting the Bobo Photos.

You’ll see that first we hit the petting zoo. Which convinced me more than ever I MUST get MP a rabbit.

Then MP got her pilot’s license. NO, I am not Twittering in the backseat (although I saw this and that was my first HORRIFIED thought) — I’m trying to take a photo. I promise.

To miss the carousel would have been a travesty. I was so excited, my inner ape couldn’t contain herself. Holy monkey face. I’m lucky they didn’t make me a sideshow act.

Here we have a puzzling series of photos. Apparently Bobo forgot what I looked like?

It IS mother and child. I’ll give him that. Just not anyone he’s related to or remotely knows.

Wait. Is that kid flipping him off?

You’re getting warmer. See? I’m also wearing black. AND a hat.


I give up.


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27 responses to “A day at the fair with Bobo.

  1. Maybe Bobo figured you could just Photoshop y’all’s faces onto the strangers.

    Whatever the case, don’t think you for one moment distracted me from the fact that those pictures are NOT from your Hawaii trip.

    I’m waiting. And after yesterday’s entry, I deserve a vicarious vacation. HA!

  2. so funny… perhaps he was intrigued with her choice in footwear…?

    LOL @ the monkey face. i do that sometimes and then regret it horribly… but hey, you were having a good time. and that’s all that matters.

  3. That was funny. Maybe Bobo forgot you need to do more than point and shoot, you should actually aim the camera at your subjects.

  4. Ok, the funniest is that there’s more than one of the other mom and kid. And she’s looking kind of ticked by that third one.

    The apeshit photo is great. Very sweet.

  5. Looks like your county fair rides were just at our fair. Looks like fun. Now hurry up with those Hawaii pics so I can live vicariously through you.

  6. I just spit frosted flakes…poor Bobo…maybe he thought that chick was hot!?

  7. Two options:

    1. He’s losing his mind and or eyesight.
    2. He totally thought that chick was hot.

    50/50 chance. Brother.

  8. another co-worker

    I heart BoBo

  9. You just missed him — he was picking up his laundry.

    Go ahead and say it. As a daughter, I totally rock.

  10. So funny.
    Bobo totally was diggin’ Pink Hat Girl.
    And you were SO twittering.

  11. You guys look like you had a blast! Put your monkey face with my monkey toes and we almost have a complete monkey! Bobo is so funny! That lady doesn’t even have the same color hair as you, and um – last time I checked MP was a girl. LOL. It was the sun in his eyes.

  12. That’s TOTALLY what he’s claiming – the SUN. Seriously.


    oh that made me LOL. What a kick.

  14. It IS mother and child. I’ll give him that. Just not anyone he’s related to or remotely knows.

    Maybe your dad works for the Enquirer and that’s another Edwards “not” kid.

  15. SWEET. Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Thanks Bobo 🙂

  16. Demon voice box! Freaky or what?
    But what kind of demon says it’s “worried,” and cries like a baby?

    Oh right! About the photos: cute, cute, cute, wha-?, wha-?, wha-?, wha-?

  17. Dude! Paranormal State demon voice box — CREEEEPY. But I’m with ya. No respectable demon admits to being scared of a priest.

  18. Bobo just made a small mistake when taking the photos no biggie – it happens to the best of us. About paranormal state – is it really good, seems kinda goofy to me.

  19. another co-worker

    I still heart BoBo.

  20. I’m with Steph. Bring on the island! I haven’t had a va-cay in almost 6 years. I NEED to see your pictures.

  21. Those photos were totally never supposed to see the light of day. You just outed Bobo as a Ninja Photographer with a penchant for Hot Mamas.

  22. Rick's Cafe

    In his (Bobo’s) defense, she is so worth taking a picture of !

  23. Pond family just luvs a good petting zoo!

  24. Erin

    Does your dad read your blog? I’ve love to see what he has to say about your post (and all these great comments)!

  25. The only time he reads is when I literally sit him down and show him. So, yeah, not a lot.

    It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy it. It’s that he’s technologically handicapped. He still can’t figure out how to save phone numbers on his cell for the love of Pete. Instead, he carries around bits of scrap paper with everyone’s numbers.

    Because THAT’s so much easier.

    I DID show him this post when he stopped into work. In his defense, he seemed genuinely shocked, and claimed he couldn’t see the screen on the digital camera because the sun was so bright. Which, I actually buy.

    And then he laughed until he peed his Depends.

    Just kiddin’. Bobo’s a good sport.

  26. That last series, taken by Bobo, is completely priceless. The shots of the other kids are hilarious.

  27. I’m pretty sure that the lady is glaring at him in that last picture. Notice how she turns her head around seemingly saying, “EWWW, old man!”

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