She got Island Feva.

I’m not TOTALLY delusional. I knew it had to happen eventually. I’ve been forced to come back to reality and rejoin the land of responsible, working parentals.


I’ve been advised my post-vacation depression upon leaving Hawaii is common. There’s even a name for the condition — Island Fever (IF). NOT this kind. And not to be confused with Jungle Fever (JF), which, after some thought, is not all that different. IF just involves a rock in the middle of the ocean, and not an actual person (JF).

I’m not a big joiner, so getting back into the groove has been a S-L-O-W process. Case in point — this morning, my time has been spent Googling job opportunities in Hawaii instead of attacking the 243 emails waiting in my inbox. SO not kidding.

And speaking of checking things off my Ketchup List, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a HYUGE THANK YOU to the awesome, awesome Laurie at Foolery and Deb at San Diego Momma for their hilarious guest posts. And to all the Doogs — between the blog and Twitter, you kept me fully entertained. One of you even said I looked like Katherine Heigl. (Your check is in the mail.) Are you KIDDING ME?!? Who needs a man when I have you guys to make me feel like a million? (Oh, and the swimsuit anxiety, BTW? Totally didn’t give a flabby crap once I got on the beach.)

With that, I better get back to work. I’ll start compiling pics and stories this weekend, before they leave my porous little mai-tai soaked brain. And I’m thinkin’ of something for Doogs Weekend tomorrow …

Happy Friday!


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11 responses to “She got Island Feva.

  1. When we returned from Kauai I was the same way!!!! Glad you’re back!

  2. Errrrr…welcome back? {{{Poor Mommy Pie}}}

  3. Welcome back, I ‘d say you were missed but I enjoyed keeping up with you on twitter and living life vicariously through you.

  4. lol @ porous little mai-tai soaked brain…

    so glad you’re back! maybe you can get a little JF to get rid of your IF.


  5. Thanks Guys! I AM glad to be back (as much as it might not SOUND that way) …

  6. mydoppleganger

    I’m glad you’re back. The guest posters were funny, but there’s nothing quite like you!

  7. SOOOOOO hard to get back into the groove after a tropical vacation. But I am happy for you that you had a chance to get away. Um, next time can I go with? Thanks.

  8. another co-worker

    Well, QB and I are glad to have to back at the office. It’s hard to laugh at the Clackers without you.

    Welcome home.

  9. Welcome back! We’ve missed ya!

  10. Oh, coming back from Hawaii SUCKS. It’s never, ever a welcome thing.

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