Did I mention Delta sucks?



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21 responses to “Did I mention Delta sucks?

  1. Cool picture! Can’t wait to see the rest! Sorry about the tour de airport.

  2. those sunglasses are ADORABLE.

  3. Are you home yet? What a day. Been following you on Twitter, of course! Glad you had fun smokin’ mama!

  4. Is that some “Maui Wowie?” So sorry about the airport shuffle; major suckage 😦

    Welcome home! Can’t wait for the stories!

  5. Welcome back! You look like Katherine Heigle in that picture.

  6. Great shot! Suitable for framing…

  7. great picture… hope you get home in one piece and soon! 🙂

  8. You seem confused. Please don’t pick up any sharp objects or candles. : )

    Glad you’re home, and hope to hear ALL about it!

  9. You look great on that travel poster 🙂

  10. Air kisses to you! Isn’t flying glamorous? Welcome home, you look superb!!

  11. Welcome back!

    Love the pic…can’t wait for more.

  12. Good Lord I hate airlines and air travel. I remember a time when it wasn’t that bad. Sadly, that time is FAR far in the past.

  13. todd

    Delta REALLY sucks. I guarantee you my nightmare beats yours!

  14. Okay, now you GOTTA tell your story …

  15. Did smoking that flower put you in a coma?

    PLEASE come back!

  16. Hawaii has better shit to smoke than that flower, Missy.

    And you totally look like a celebrity on vacation in that photo.

  17. Toots and HappyHourSue, I love you both.

  18. I agree, Delta really does suck. I’ve compiled a list of over 50 similar complaints — mostly blog like yours — and am adding to it daily. There seems to be no shortage of material!

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  20. delta doesn't care

    Delta sucks

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