Go Native or Go Home

Laurie LaGrone at Foolery has graciously agreed to be my very first Guest Poster while I’m gone. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites — her sharp wit, hilarious stories and tales of her ancestors make Foolery one of the most unique and endearing blogs out there. Make sure to stop by her place when you’re done reading here, and you’ll see what I mean. Seriously. Go now.

You came here looking for Mommy Pie, didn’t you? Well, I’m sorry, but she’s on vacation. In Hawaii. She left a note speared to a tree with a machete:

What could this mean? “Gone Native?” Well, that’s where I come in. I used to live in Hawaii, so I may be able to shed some light on the situation.

Could she mean THIS?

Probably not, although I suspect she might appreciate the view.

“Could you just get us ONE MORE coconut, PLEASE?”

And speaking of coconuts, how about THIS?

I’m almost sure of it. But I think the ones in Maui are rum-infused, right from the trees. At least, that’s how I remember it.

There’s always “native” as in LOCAL FOOD, but I know how much Mommy Pie loves cheeseburgers and tacos, so I don’t think this little dish will make much culinary headway.

Okay, surely “Going Native” must reference THIS!

Probably. I’ll wait for the photos, and if there are no photos I’ll find out whom to ply with alcohol.

So Doogs, have I missed the mark? What do you think she might have meant by GONE NATIVE? Have a great time, Mommy Pie, and we’ll listen for the sirens!

Your Doog,




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12 responses to “Go Native or Go Home

  1. I love your interpretation of gone native and I cannot wait to see the pictures that MommyPie brings back!

  2. Well you are just everywhere these last few weeks! Enjoyed reading your posts as usual!

    Oh and I prefer sushi to coconuts…most of the time..depending on who is making what if you catch my drift!

  3. I’m thinking what’ll happen to that swimmer in the last pic if the coral scrapes her corals.

    She’d be total shark bait.

  4. Ahahahaha! I’m thinking MommyPie is definitely the one staring up the coconut tree, if you know what I mean. If you do, let me know, since I’m not sure — it could me just so many things.) This is very funny, though.

  5. Maui rocks. I wonder if she’ll go fresh-water caving on the Hana road, near the Seven sacred pools. Way too much fun.

    Naked snorkeling is a blast.

  6. Foolery! You are funny no matter where you may appear!
    Side note: You seem a little obsessed with buns. You might want to go talk to someone about that.

  7. Yee Ha! Those guys wading into the surf in nothing but Santa hats got my attention…looks suspiciously cold for Hawaii, but since there’s no frontal nudity, I couldn’t say for sure. And by the way, what’s the story with the guy in the cast? Looks like he’s got MommyPie’s machete. Great post, Foolery!

  8. Did they think the Santa hats made the saggy older man ass any better to look at? Jeesh….maybe I DON’T hope Santa comes this year!


  9. Oh I see Foolery….you were one of those naked hula girls at the Wikiki Hooters weren’t you? You lived in Hawaii? Do tell!

    Good to know your funny follows you everywhere. Oh and MommyPie readers…you should see her other site. Less nudity. But just as much fun!

  10. LOL! Look at all those butts! Makes you want to pinch them!:)

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