Doogs Weekend is back!

Got a little off track last weekend with all the BlogHerNot revelry, but coming back to the Doogs Weekend idea, with another question for you.

If you’re new, the only explanation you need is that I’m dedicating the weekends to YOU. To learning more about who you are and what makes you tick. Because I already tell you all about me, me, me five days a week. And I’m nosy like that.

This may sound superficial, but I think it tells a lot about a person.

What, I won’t pretend to know …

Here it is:

What are your pet peeves?

What makes YOU want to scream?

Or at the very least, punch a Best Buy employee?

Okay, go.



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32 responses to “Doogs Weekend is back!

  1. Poppin’ da comment cherry on this one. Proof that I’m up too late 😉

    Pet peeves? Judgemental people. Muggy and hot weather combined. Crappy food. People that walk with that heel lift/wierd bounce. I know, I’m psychotic.

    Things that make me want to scream? Scary movies [duh]. Intense arguments. Not getting enough sleep [hmmm, maybe I should go to bed then?]

    Thanks, doog.

  2. I generally don’t like it when people talk to me. Isn’t that weird? I know. I just don’t wanna talk.

  3. Hmmm, I want to punch Best Buy employees so often it’s hard to narrow it down.

    Other people’s kids who misbehave. Because you know, mine never do.

  4. Things that bother me today:
    parents who bring their kids to school or in public without brushing their hair. It takes 3 seconds.

    slow drivers


  5. What are your pet peeves?

    Not being called back or being called at all when someone says they will.

    What makes YOU want to scream?

    ICE CREAM! Okay but seriously, being late makes me want to scream. I HATE being late.

    Or at the very least, punch a Best Buy employee?

    Getting Gas when there is ONE attendant. We can’t pump our own gas here so we hae to wait…makes me crazy.

  6. dresser drawers left open, drooling once-folded t-shirts and little boy underwear.

    people who say, “I could care less”. Arghhhhh!

    boring people, name-droppers, people who had the part of their brain removed that housed their sense of humor and the ability to think for themselves.

    when my husband sucks air through his nose and sounds like my boston terrier cleaning the floor after dinner.


  7. people on the CELL PHONE driving erratically or uber slowly.

    can we hang up, People?

    not creative but hackle raising none the less…

  8. One. Pet. Peeve.

    The dishwasher is EMPTY. The kitchen is CLEAN. And, someone decides that their ONE cup should be rinsed and placed very carefully in the sink.

  9. Trying to fold fitted sheets. No matter how much I struggle, I can never get them into perfect squares. The art of fitted sheet folding was never passed down to me.

  10. People who talk very loudly on their cell phone about closet organizers while I’m sitting in a cafe trying to remember all my pet peeves.

    Also, paintings of clowns.

  11. Pet Peeves you say? God, the list is long.

    People who chew with their mouths open.
    Rude people
    People who fail to use their effing turn signals – HELLO! They aren’t just for decoration!
    Clowns…people who collect them, people who dress up as them and people who think they are cool/cute/funny.

    What makes me want to scream?

    My teenage daughter whom I love, but who is going to kill us with all the smelly crap she wears. You can’t walk downstairs after she’s had a shower and gotten ready for work without being knocked over flat by the mixture of lotions, potions, sprays and perfumes she uses.

    Oh and rude people…they are a pet peeve of mine and make me want to scream and then punch them in the face.

  12. You didn’t know it’s good luck to punch a Best Buy employee? I punch one every time I go.

    pet peeves are people who throw cigarette butts out the window and the show Caillou.

    Could that kid be a bigger whiner? We’ve renamed it Cry-you.

  13. Tightie whities. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Short jokes (as in height, not length of time it takes to tell the joke). Dirt. Republicans. Littering. Smoking. Moms who read and talk on their cell phones at the park while their kid is pummeling mine. There are more things that make me crazy, but there isn’t enough room in cyberspace for me to list them.

  14. Pet Peeves…people who judge first before they learn…walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!

    Jealousy. I’m victim to it as well and i’m trying so hard to get over myself on certain issues!

    …so many more….

    what makes me want to scream….my kids fighting and summer vacay right now…school should be year-round EVERYWHERE. 😉

    Contest at my place!

  15. Do you have about an hour? Because my list could be quite loooonnnggg. But I’ll try to keep it to a dull roar here.

    I hate spending money dining out on what ends up being a disappointing meal. It drives me nuts.

    I hate whining (my husband’s as much as my daughter’s!). (Though I guess I whine on my blog a lot, so I probably should hate myself.)

    I hate drivers who do things that make no sense.

    I hate discourteous public behavior.

    I hate politeness instead of genuine friendliness.

    I hate my wireless connection going in and out on me with no rhyme or reason.

    And that’s all just what came to mind in just the first few seconds of thinking. I’m good at this.

  16. Erin



    the word “panties”


    when my baby doesn’t nap even though she’s tired

    getting up in the morning

    rain in the summer (this has been the SUCKIEST summer on record- only TWO days above 70 so far)

  17. 1. People that say Walmarts. There is no “S ” people!

    2. See above.

    I’m also a little peeved when people ask for my beer can. grrrr! 😉

  18. seachange

    Pet Peeeves
    1. Drivers who stay in the passing lane and are not passing the car to the right of them, which creates a LONG line of cars in back of them.

    2. People with a strong sense of entitlement.

  19. Di

    Major pet peeve right now…cell phones at kids’ baseball games. Look parent…first of all, I am quite sure that you Nextel has a vibrate function and the ability for you to put the person to whom you are talking in the earpiece instead of on the speaker. Second of all, do you really think that your kid is not peeking at you from second base and seeing that your Nextel conversation is more important than his game? I put my phone on vibrate when I get to the game. I am pretty certain that the other parents around do not want to hear my clever/obnoxious ring tone. AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOURS!!!

  20. 1. Breathing in air that someone else just exhaled.
    2. Being extremely sleepy and in a situation in which I can not sleep (i.e. in a meeting).
    3. When someone says, “I have to tell you something” instead of just telling me what they want to say.


  21. pajama momma

    Breathing in air that someone else just exhaled.

    Oh! That’s a great one! It made me think of another pet peeve. Warm toilet seats.

    Now you might say, why on earth would you hate warm toilet seats? Cold toilet seats are awful.
    I’ll tell you why. Warm toilet seats mean someone before me was sitting on it for quite a while pinching a squishy.

  22. ewww…warm toilet seats

    I have many, but here are the top ones that drive me absolutely insane:

    -smacking (food or gum)

    -when someone is walking in front of you, and they stop out of nowhere

    -uptight moms that can’t stand to see their kids learn a lesson

  23. Many posts on my blog have addressed these two very questions. I have too many answers to both to count. If I tried to give you complete answers for both of them, I would break wordpress and, probably, the internets.

    So I’ll just pick one answer for each, randomly.

    What are your pet peeves?

    People who stare OR invade my Personal Space Bubble.

    What makes YOU want to scream?

    Being stalked by bizzare beer can collectors.

  24. (P.S. I also agree with everything everybody else already said.)

  25. Thank you, Pajama Momma. Used air bugs me. Glad I’m not alone.

    As for warm toilet seats…yuck. Though, not as bad as a damp or moist toilet seat. That’d be…bad.

  26. If the Princess had a pet peeve it might entail the cellphone from hell (yes, I said it… Bad Princess is in charge tonight!) drops the call. The intense personal relationship conversation, or serious business conversation? Fuh-gettaboudit! For it simply evaporates in cellular vapor. One big giant ‘never mind.’

    But then there are fun things like little online blogging awards…. Miss MommyPie. (Yes, I tagged you.)

    Happy week!
    Bad Princess

  27. Bouncy Walkers
    People talking to me
    Misbehaving kids
    Kids with unbrushed hair
    Being late
    Open dresser drawers
    Cell phone usage while driving
    Kitchen issues
    Sheet issues
    More cell phone issues
    Chewing with open mouth
    Judgemental people
    Stupid drivers
    The word “panties”
    Walmarts. With an S.
    More stupid drivers
    Cell phones at kids’ baseball games
    Used air
    Warm toilet seats
    People who stop walking in front of you
    Personal Space Bubble invasion
    More cell phone issues

    Congratulations, Doogs. You’ve officially given me a gazillion more things to be irritated about.

  28. I don’t think there is anything left for me to complain about.
    Smacking food.
    Hearing people’s music when they are wearing headphones. That’s WHY they are wearing headphones…but they insist on sharing their music.
    Bad service at restaurants.
    And the warm toilet seat thing…that makes my butt cheeks cringe

  29. Oh, the HEADPHONE thing. I can’t STAND that.

  30. another co-worker

    I hate backstabbing hosebeasts. (I think only MommyPie and QueenBee will understand that)
    and toilet seats left up. Yick.
    and when my dog wraps herself around that GD tree in the backyard at 6 in the morning and I have to put on my slippers and tromp out there and get her. I hate that.

  31. Try saying “fitted sheet folding” ten times, fast.

    Or, try just reading it WHEN YOU’RE STOOPID . . .

    . . . like me. At least it was funny.

  32. Donna-Michele

    Wow, all those great answers… and no one wrote ‘nose blowing in restaurants’. Maybe it IS just me???

    When I was a kid, ladies didn’t apply lipstick at the table in a restaurant, now it is ok to honk into a tissue at the table? Usually the timing is great too… I am (invariably) putting something like spinach dip or eggs into my mouth.

    Can anyone say ‘go to the rest-room for ALL bodily functions’?!? I swear, I am gonna have business cards printed, and leave them at tables of folks who do this on my way out of the restaurant.
    They will say something like…”Since your Mom isnt here to be embarrassed, and I’m sure you were raised better, here is a reminder to go to the rest-room to blow your nose. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day more than I did my meal!”

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