Blog Blog Revolution

I have the hugest luv hangover right now.

The crazy insane support BlogHerNot received last week FLOORS me. I’m truly inspired. I think maybe I’ve found my niche. I think I actually may be kinda good at it? And, even better, I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT.

I don’t want to wait an entire year for BlogHerNot ’09.

Which is why I’m not stopping the party any time soon. (Hear the Air Supply. Be the Air Supply. Do the Air Supply.)

A whole new progressive party concept is in the works, Doogs. More virtual seminars, more parties, more socializing, and most importantly, MORE LINKAGE! Only this time I’ll be takin’ it up a notch. And it won’t be a one time deal. It’ll be a semi-regular event. Like a Victoria’s Secret bra sale.

Think of it as a virtual knowledge rave for grown-ups. A grass-roots, underground movement where we promote each other. It’ll be whatever you want it to be. And all are welcome.

So, be thinking about how/if you want to participate. If you have suggestions, no matter how crazy sounding you think they might be, email me.

Because right now, I’m feelin’ the sky’s the limit.


PS – If anyone tries to rip off this idea I’ll have to hunt them down and go postal on their ass.

PSS – For reals. Kisses!

PSSS – Winner of the BlogHerNot ’08 George Clooney/David Duchovny Chesty LaRue pillow will be announced tomorrow!


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34 responses to “Blog Blog Revolution

  1. *Talking softly*

    When the nausea of the weekend subsides, I might come up with something for you.

  2. I will wrack my brain for something worthy of the great Mommy Pie…

  3. Thank goodness, because I kinda missed most of it. For whatever reason, your page wouldn’t load for me – I was very upset; stoopid Bouncer wouldn’t let me in. I came on Saturday, but felt like someone who finally found the party only to find everyone passed out and the place a total mess, and thinking to myself, “Boy, it sure looks like it was a lot of fun. Too bad I missed it.” So YAY! I’m totally for the party not being over!

  4. YAY YAY YAY! I was wondering how in the hell I’d be able to wait for a whole.entire.year with no BHN goodness. I lurved the seminars and all the fab posts…I’ll put my thinking cap on!

    WOOT WOOT! Thanks MP!

    (I just did a BHN recap by the way. It was THAT good.)

  5. I’d better get that laptop pronto so I don’t miss another party! And sorry about not contributing an idea- I have mommy brain. It doesn’t allow for any creativity.

  6. Thanks everyone! Don’t worry about coming up with input today — just when/if something comes to you — there’s time!

  7. I’m game! Just emailed you.

  8. I really want to leave a comment and be all “NO WAY! I totally wrote this very same post last night! For real. Can I put it up too and tell everyone it really truly was my idea, honest, and I’m not a copy cat?” Except I don’t think that will play a second time. Do you? 😉

    For truly, though, I think this is a genius idea, and I’m in for whatever you come up with. You could do something with different topics each time, maybe? I have no brilliant ideas to suggest. But I will ruminate. Much like a cow. And see what I can come up with…

  9. Please, for the love of God, do not make it a writing prompt. PLEASE?!?

  10. You did such a good job of this, MP — bridging the gap between fantasy and reality. The instructors were not only funny but also insightful, and I really did learn a lot. On a side note, did you catch my use of not-only-but-also there? Fracking grammar geek. I’ll go soak my head.

    Love and glitter kisses,


  11. I never got on board, so I’m glad the party isn’t over. Better late than never, right?

  12. Would love new ideas! I love my new blog friends! They’re the shit. All because of you MommyPie. Can we make videos for this one?

  13. I was having withdrawal symptoms. Seriously. All that love can’t just stop cold turkey.

    Great idea, MP.

  14. So BUMMED I went to the beach for an impromptu getaway! That’s the last time I rent a place with no internet access on the whole island! Now I’m going to devote the rest of my work day to catch up on the missed frolicking. Count me in for next time! I’ll conjure up a new cocktail to mark the event so give me some advance notice to start experimenting!

  15. You know, BlogHer is doing those Reach Out one-day mini-conferences come October. There’s another opportunity for a spin off of BlogHerNot!

  16. Thanks Mommy Pie, I am looking forward to participating in your next conference. I really enjoyed BlogHerNot. I picked up lots of tips and visited lots of new blogs.

  17. I’d be game for something. Maybe I won’t miss the party this time…

  18. I am new here, and sooooo missed the live BlogHerNot, but thoroughly reviewed. I am in. sign me up. I am praying for a divine revelation for the BlogHerNot revolution. I’ll be back.

  19. I will be a permanent attendee, send nametag and cocktail hour locations to me anytime!

    PS – I’d never steal the idea. Too much work!

  20. oooh, sounds like fun! I’m in.
    No ideas yet though. I’ll keep thinking.

  21. (Bic lighter held high above her head, burning a 3-inch flame) — FREE BIRD, MAN!

  22. I’m sorry I missed it…both BlogHer AND BlogHerNot!

    But I’m very interested to see where you take this, cause I’m in!

  23. You probably already know…..

    I’M SO THERE!!

    Just tell what and when and I’ll be ready with my POW superhero suit and my party shoes.

  24. Whatever you do, however you do it… I’m in.

  25. littlemansmom

    WooHoo….I am stoked!

  26. Drama Mama hates to miss a good party- Please send me an invite!

  27. Good excuse for not vacuuming up all that glitter. . .

  28. I loved this. I learned somethings and added a bunch of new blogs to my reader. Thanks for having this idea.

  29. if bloghernot involves illegal substances i want in, whatever this is (still dunno, sorry my blonde roots are showing)

  30. As usual, late for the party. Yeah, I’m in!

  31. I would consider hosting a Monday Night Happy Hour. Poolside. We ALL need a drink after Monday, don’t we?

    I will even take drink and snack requests 😉

    Any takers?

  32. I’m sad I missed Bloghernot, so I’m totally down for another one.

  33. This is your calling, Momma!
    I finally figured out Google Reader, so I’m checking all the post that I missed and I am so glad I am because I don’t want to miss commenting on this one and telling you WE CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT BLOGGIN SHABANG!

    I’ll be your video girl. 😉 I like having a reason to be make a goofball of myself on imovie.

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