Farklepants is already drunk.

Tonight, please join me in a collective virtual toast to Bloggywood and the awesome power it has to bring us together!

I am Blogger. Hear me ROAR.

Or watch Tootsie throw up. Whichever comes first.

Now get yer bootie to The Human Party, hosted by Single Working Mommy, and raise a glass. Things are just getting underway!

BlogHerNot ’08!

Don’t forget to leave a comment in the post DIRECTLY BEFORE this one to be entered to win some Clooney Love. You know you want it.



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16 responses to “Farklepants is already drunk.

  1. Me thinks we killed Twitter. Can not tweet. Must be a sign to drink more.

  2. Twitter is indeed the broked. Also? Judging by that photo, my cleavage is larger than my drunk head. Awesome.

  3. No tweeting for the drunk ladies…there could be a post in that. Thanks again MP…Brilliant…simply brilliant! You deserve a Kudzu Queen Crown!

  4. Who the hell brought all the glitter. It got in my drink.

    Oh well, a little roughage never hurt. Much.

  5. singleworkingmommy

    It will make your insides sparkly, Auds. Sparkly insides are SO BlogHerNot 08.

  6. @singleworkingmommy but when I have to go to the ER because I fell off the table because I thought I could get up there and dance because the jello shots….nevermind that part.

    I was saying, what is the nice little white haired radiologist man gonna say when he xrays my broken bits and sees at that sparkly stuff? I suppose I can always look him dead in the eye and say;

    “Sparkly insides are so BlogHerNot ’08!”

    Or not.

    I can just see the CNN headlines…

    “Partygoers in NW Central Bloggywood found ingesting the latest craze…Glitter! Story at 11!”

  7. mydoppleganger

    I’ve taken about 35 drinks tonight per The Drinking Game: Drink when someone Tweets about BlogHer.
    Thank g-d for GOOD reasons to drink!

  8. I think I have Twitter, I mean glitter, in my eye. Help!

    The Human’s Party rocked hard. Thanks SWM!

  9. So happy to be participating. Unfortunately, I think I got some glitter in my cleavage when I was doing the jello shots. My cleavage is so cavernous the glitter may not appear till 2012. But I am willing to stash bottle of liquor in it.

  10. @Farklepants – Your boobs aren’t really bigger than your head? Crap. I might have to rethink my whole stalking strategy and stick with LaRue.

  11. Sometimes living on the Left Coast means you get to stay at parties longer; sometimes it means the party’s over when you finally show up.

    Read (almost) everything; still a few more to go. Thanks for the great idea, Miss pie, and all who linked. It’s been a great day!


  12. Tootsie totally stole my Stevie Nicks tribute outfit.

  13. Hey Mommas! I might be partying by myself at this hour, but the night is still young in Portland.

    A bottle of wine knocked me out….but I woke up a few hours later with a new lease on the evening: just got thru dancing it up to Lady GaGa, Just Dance, at The Human Party. Heading over to see if I’m not too late to take a shot with Tootsie.

  14. Di

    Help! I need a Twitter-torial! I have Twhirl and I was wondering if there is any quick way to add all of the BHN08 gals to my Twitter friends. Or whatever. I have no idea of the appropriate Twitter lingo!

  15. Di – Sorry for the late reply! I haven’t used Twhirl yet, so I’m not sure if there’s a way to do it … I know you can’t by just using Twitter. Which TRULY is an app someone needs to come up with if it’s not out there already.

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