BLOGHERNOT ’08 Weekend is Here!


Welcome Doogs!

BlogHerNot ’08 is a virtual weekend gathering for those of us who might have wanted to participate in BlogHer ’08, but for various reasons were unable to attend. BlogHerNot is in NO WAY meant to belittle BlogHer, but to provide an alternative means of connecting bloggers from all corners of the web.

Who may or may not be wearing pajamas.

Who may or may not have brushed their teeth.

Who may or may not be drinking heavily.

Whatever the case, it’s all about spreadin’ the link love. Below, you’ll find links to posts about Blogging Life, written by a diverse group of fantastic bloggers. Some you may recognize. Others may be new to you. Take your time over the next few days, do a little reading, and when you’ve had your fill we’ll move on to the drunken debauchery part of the event.

And if you feel like a little meet and greet without the hoity and toity, stop by The Human Party for a pre-function warm up.

The Human Party
Hosted by Single Working Mommy

A ginormous thank you to all BlogHerNot instructors — if I inadvertently left someone out or farked up a link, please let me know. I’ve been up WAY too long enjoying everyone’s posts and am now seeing double. Mommypie go beddiebye.

Have fun, and blog on ma Doogs!

SWAG UPDATE! Sleep with George Clooney!!

The fabulous Chesty LaRue has offered to give one of her SERIOUSLY COOL pillows to one lucky commenter! This special, one-of-a-kind BlogHerNot ’08 pillow will feature none other than our Keynote Speaker himself, Mr. George Clooney. Or, if you prefer … special guest David Duchovny.

Chesty recently gifted Mrs. G a one-of-a-kinder featuring Johnny Depp. (If you read Derfwad Manor, you’re familiar with her deep-seated JD obsession.) I swear Mrs. G posted a photo of her pillow, because I can picture it in my head, however, now I’m questioning my sanity, as I can’t seem to find the link. Apparently, I have the ability to remotely view other bloggers’ home decor. Let’s just say … that’s a pillow I wouldn’t throw outta bed.

You have to comment below for a chance to bed George though, so hop on it! So to speak.

Today’s Focus: Blog Hopping

Urban Dictionary is Educational
Instructor: Steph from The Stephford Diaries

BlogherNot Stalking 101: The Dos and Don’ts
Instructor: Bejewell from The Bean

Where My Fantasy Bloggy-Road-Trip Dreams Die
Instructor: Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy

Five Best Ways to Find Blogging Time … Without “Accidentally” Leaving Your Kids at Target
Instructor: MommyTime at Mommy’s Martini

How To Make A Living At Blogging (with bonus handout: How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog!)
Instructor: McMommy at The McMommy Chronicles

The Five Stages of Blogging
Instructor: Deb at San Diego Momma

BlogHerNot ’08 … The Art of the Schlemiel
Instructor: TPP from The Preppy Princess

How to Nail a Crazy YouTube Commenter with a Post
Instructor: Ms. Single Mama

Seminar 101: Be the Perfect Comment Nazi
Instructor: Auds at Barking Mad

Staying Safe on the Road to BlogHerNot: Toilet Seats While on Travel, or My Adventures in Hovering
Instructor: Mud Mama at Standing Still

Confessions of a Dot Mom Mogul
Instructor: Debbie at Bird On A Wire

How To Earn A Living With Your Blog — Tongue in Cheek
Instructor: Angie at All Adither

BlogHerNot ’08: Get Your Vlog ON!
Instructor: Morgan at Modern Single Momma

DOs and DON’Ts of Bloggywood Meet-ups
Instructor: Laurie at Foolery

BlogHerNot 2008: Your Blog Your Way
Instructor: Tootsie Farklepants at Vintage Thirty

How To Blog When You Think No One Is Reading
Instructor: Queen Bee at I Thank My Mother

Why am I here? Why are you here?
Instructor: Drama Mama from Drama Pond


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50 responses to “BLOGHERNOT ’08 Weekend is Here!

  1. I am having so much fun here at BlogHerNot. Only thing missing is some swag. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Just sent shoes email express to foolery so I will have to be here barefoot…now I know I’m not going to the lake…cannot miss this huge event! Thank you for hosting!

  3. Oh, can’t wait to get learned up. Which track should I take? Squeeee!

  4. Sue

    Boy am I a loser. Wasn’t invited to BlogHer and didn’t even know about BlogHerNot til I read Jen’s post this morning. WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! You guys? Wait up!!!

    p.s. why did no one tell me about your blogalicious blog. Adding you ASAP.

  5. Shhhhh, some of us are sporting wicked bad hangovers. Well that and one of us is suffering from legolodgedinfootitis. It’s quite painful I assure you.

    MP, thanks for hosting this swell gig! You are the hostess with the mostess. I’ll be expecting more of that mostess in an hour or two when the hangover subsides.

  6. Who wants Bloody Marys? Mimosas maybe??? Would help that bloody hangover, Auds!!! Oh yeah I’m up and rockin this mornin!
    Welcome everybody and thanks again Mommie Pie Dahlin!

  7. Don’t worry Doogs! As Mommypie can probably attest to…if she weren’t still sleeping next to Clooney…wait, what? You forget your drunken dance pre-conference, last night?? There is swag coming. Not to put you on the spot, Mommypie, but we talked about it. So there.

  8. MP: You are the consummate hostess. Seriously, you did a great job with BlogHerNot. And everybody’s posts so far are the SHIZZ!

    (I have to admit I didn’t expect 5 Stages to make it here, and I didn’t adequately prepare it for BlogHerNot, so I must get busy!) Ta!

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  10. I am seriously so excited to be here! Swag or no swag, this is the place to be…and Foolery’s too!

  11. What a fabulous idea! I wish I had it together enough to have posted something. The links look great and I can’t wait to read them.

    How did you get a picture of my boobs?

  12. ok, mp, sorry to put you on the spot with our “swag,” but i seriously can’t wait! 😉

  13. Just got some newly offered swag this morning — check out the update above!!

  14. Thank goodness for the pajamas. And alcohol. Pajamas and a giant mudslide is my BlogHerNot attire of choice!

    So far I have McMommy’s post down, only 16 more to go.

    Is it okay to be giddy at BlogHerNot, or are we supposed to be a bit more sophisticated? If it’s okay, then I am so frickin giddy! If not, scratch that last thing I said.

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  16. I hold you personally responsible for the destruction of my Google Reader and all my free time. I would be mad, but you know. I’m a comment whore. So more places to comment = more fun for me.

  17. I’m commenting again because I want to sleep with George Clooney. Pick me.

  18. Oh, the wisdom! Oh, the laughs! Oh, what the #&%@! Where’s my martini? Thanks, MP!

  19. In case your day isn’t busy enough already, I thought I’d let you know that *drumroll* I gave you an award, over at my place:

    Head on over (in all your free time) to pick it up 🙂

    I’ll be here, ALL DAY, reading these posts! Woohoo!

  20. The atmosphere is smokin’ in here…no really who’s smoking in here? That’s not a cigarette.

    Jello shots, i’m lookin’ for the jello shots.

  21. This is gonna be fun! And I think a David Duchovney pillow would come in handy in the ol’ marriage bed. But Georgey-Poo wouldn’t be too bad either!

  22. This Mom

    As a newbie to blogging, I say thanks. I am going to convention here this weekend. In moments between being mom, wife and host to in-laws this weekend.

  23. BTW: hey Mommy Pie-sorry about the lack of code on the blog bling. There wasn’t any for me to copy from Jen’s blog, so I just hosted it myself with Blogger and stuck it up there. There wasn’t any URL to go along with it, sadly. Sorry ’bout that!

    Thanks for the ‘ment!

  24. OH man! I just found you and this blog. I was so bummed that Blogher wasn’t on my radar this year, this might make me feel a little better. Plus, I love sleeping with celebrities. 😉 I am excited to get reading…and then drinking. Heavy. Drinking.

  25. New drinking game for BlogHerNot ’08! Every time someone tweets about how much fun they’re having at BlogHer, you have to take a drink.

    We should all be wasted by 3:00 this afternoon.

  26. Okay. Now I feel left out times 2. Just found out about all this….

    I’ve been off-line a bit and will only have sketchy internet for a few more days. But come Tuesday…I’m in. if ya’ll are still around!

  27. The Mom-The Jello shots are over here by me. We’re going to need another batch.
    I’ll wait to make more until we turn the disco ball on.
    That way we all can get our freek on on the dance floor, John Travolta-style

  28. mydoppleganger

    Oh BeJewell….that’s rough!

    But, I agree. I’ve only gotten one so far…but I’m sure I’ll get a LOT more.

  29. Am looking forward to seeing who gets the swag. Hopefully I will still be sewing straight after the jello shots, but no guarantees…

  30. Oh Holy Heck, I have SO much reading to do. Wish I’d brought the jug of martinis from home to keep me company.

    Wish I’d made a jug of martinis, actually.

    Way to go, Miss Pie! Your organizational skills are sha-ha-ha-harp. Have you considered a run for governor? ‘Cause I’d vote for you.

  31. Great party over here!

    Thanks for introducing me to the term “Doogs.” I hadn’t heard that one yet. Off to do some reading…

  32. Ok, I am having so much fun going to all these classes. Kudos again for organizing this fabulous party. Maybe it will be an annual event?! And the possibility of sleeping with George Clooney – oh that definitely makes this a memorable weekend 🙂

  33. aliasmother

    A hearty *clapclapclap* all around, ladies. Truly, far superior (and cheaper) than anything that could be found on your evil twin’s agenda. Or are you the evil twin?


  34. MommyPie, I think your boss needs a BlogHerNot 2008 bumper sticker on his car, next to his Obama ones!!

    Your party….as I knew it would…ROCKED!!!

  35. Di

    I am having a blast. For the record, I’m wearing the sweatpants and t-shirt I slept in last night. I have swaths of last-night’s mascara under my eyes. I have the last remnants of a hangover from a wee bit too much wine last night. I think I fit right in!

    I’m adding all of you blogettes to my reader faster than I can even comment!

    I would so much rather be doing THIS when I’m not at BlogHer than what I’m really doing this weekend. OK, I’m off to write a post and use your graphic…I hope that’s not too presumptuous of me. If so, get over it!

  36. Di

    I know I’m a crasher, but I couldn’t resist joining the party:

    Thanks for making my weekend!

  37. singleworkingmommy

    The Human Party has STARTED!

    Here are the directions. Shuttles run all night!

  38. I am enjoying BlogHerNot so much! What a brilliant idea.

  39. It’s only 10:20pm where I am, and I’ve taken ALL the classes here. Which actually makes me so happy, since now I can go start visiting blogs of people who’ve left me comments today. You are the BEST for organizing this. I’ve had two weeks of so much real life work that I’ve really missed Bloggyworld. So very very happy to be back! Thank you.

  40. (now passed out on the floor of the bathroom)

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  43. I would rock George Clooney’s world. He couldn’t handle me. Just ask my husband who has to take all sorts of supplements and employ a personal trainer to keep up.

    (Am I slurring my comment? I LOVE YOU MAN! … Who hid Mommy’s vodka bottle??)

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  45. While I was at BitchHer, I had an idea, could the pillow be two-sided with DD on one side and GC on the other? Because I like to have my beefcake and eat it too. Just an idea…

  46. Love this! It’s like a virtual GNO in my pjs. 🙂

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  48. What a great site! Thanks for finding me on Stumble because I really enjoy your writing 😉

  49. Pingback: Doogs Weekend is back! « Mommy Pie

  50. Just found you thru McMommy…you are GREAT!!! Love this blog…I’ll be back!

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