How are YOU getting ready for BLOGHERNOT ’08?

I feel it.

Can you feel it?

George Clooney feels it.

Admittedly, he’s not a blogger, but he loves the Doogs. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least. He’s fun, we’re fun. He’s … what’s the word? Oh yeah, HOT. (At least, from what I’ve gathered, about 90% of you think so. Count me in.) He’s hot, we’re hot.

Here’s the awesome news. Take a deep breath. George has agreed to be our KEYNOTE SPEAKER.

He wants to hang out with US.

After the conference.

At his place in Italy. Lake Cuomo.

Oh yeah. BlogHerNotters got it goin’ ON.

David feels the Feeva too. He’s currently in the area on a press junket promoting the new X-Files Movie, and according to his agent, has a thing for Mommy Bloggers. Well, Bloggers in general. I told him he could stop by. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be playing Scully to his Mulder at the party Saturday night. SCHA-WIIING.

BlogHer ShmogHer. I told you you’d forget about San Fran.

So do YOU have the Feeva?

Here’s a quick rundown on today’s schedule and how you can participate.

1. Instructors, make sure to email me your Friday’s post link by midnight MST tonight. (See previous post.) There’s plenty of room — ANYONE can participate and reap the link love rewards – just write a post about Blogging Life, put it up on your site, and link back to me. See? Easy Peasy. 

2. How are YOU preparing for the weekend festivities? Deb at San Diego Momma had a fantastic idea and I’m running with it. Take a picture of yourself getting ready — RIGHT NOW, DOOGS — and include a link to the photo in the Comments Section below. There are a few ways you can do it.

a. Post your photo to Flickr, PhotoBucket, or some such site, and paste the link in a comment below.
b. Post your photo to your site and paste the link in a comment below.
c. Send me an email describing your scene in detail. I will, in turn, post an artist’s rendition in the tradition of French Pointillist Painter Georges Seurat

Um, not really, but that would be cool. I’ll post my pic in a few, when I can get away from work, but in the meantime can’t wait to see YOU!

3. And don’t forget to copy and paste your BlogHerNot ’08 badge to your site.

What Mommypie? There are more ways to participate in weekend festivities?

Stop over at Foolery‘s place — she’s holding a BlogHus gathering — her BlogHer alternative. She’s wearing awesome circus shoes and wants to know if you are too. I hear the San Diego Bunch is holding their own get-together, as well — BitchHer 2008. I’ve been promised photos. And I do believe Single Working Mommy will be hosting The Human’s Party sometime soon, to kick off the weekend in style. Glitter has been mentioned, which, I don’t know about you, but in my book constitutes a done deal.

Feeva, Doogs. FEEEEVA!


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26 responses to “How are YOU getting ready for BLOGHERNOT ’08?

  1. Omg. I knew I shouldn’t have read this while in my meeting. I just snorted when I saw that picture of mah man, Georgie-poo.

  2. I’m oh so busily preparing my nether regions for that BlogHerNot hot tub. This is me drinking the bikini wax numbing potion:

  3. I have a feeling there will be some gooood pics of YOU this weekend, Miss America.

  4. I have to get the glitter ready! STAT!

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  6. Okay I wrote a post for tomorrow…how can I give you a link before it’s posted?

    Just tattoo BLOG VIRGIN on my forehead and call me newbie.


  7. Hey Mom — just go ahead and email it to me by midnight MST tonight —

    So glad you decided to instruct!

  8. Too busy to take a pic, I’m packing for that trip to Lake Cuomo. . .

  9. Popping in between tasks to say I’m almost ready. Does anyone need anything from the store?

  10. How awesome are you? Mel, will you come help me organize? Because, I do believe, you’re a natural born planner.

    Or mom.

  11. Here is my addition, Ms. Mommy Pie,

    I think you’ve started something here, momma! Here I am at work goofing off in Photoshop, bad bad….but so good. Thanks for bringing all us bloggers together! 😉

  12. I LOVE IT, you sexy thang! SOMEONE’s gonna be the life of the party this weekend!

  13. Ok, in all seriousness, i have a TOPIC! I will be e-mailing you my link, and a “preparing” photo…wow, i’m so way behind…gotta go out and get the alcohol.
    Anyone interested in Electric Lemonade? Might be good for snuggling up to Hotty McHotterson (Clooney, of course).

  14. Kat

    I cannot wait for tomorrow’s non-conference. here is my picture and post for the pre-events.

  15. No blog, but wanted y’all to know who’s joining thr par-tay and laughing with you. Here’s a snap of me taken at 6:45 a.m. this morning Yeah, I’ve got helmet head; shut up. And yeah, it was really fraking hot in Chicago today, so why not skip the hot beverage and go right for the cold one?

  16. Dangit! I knew I should’t have gone to the gym today. See what I miss working out? This is exactly why exercise and finally planning a good meal for my family screws up my schedule.

    This is just wrong on so many levels.


  17. singleworkingmommy

    OK. I’m setting the wheels in motion for The Human Party.

  18. Ol’ George probably got a nasty surprise when his hiney hit the water.

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  20. I’m setting up a link to your shindig (NC slang) but don’t think I’ll be blogging. I’m so not in the same category as you guys. I WILL read everything and comment on it all!

  21. I’m in the same boat as Debbie. I was going to TRY to go to BlogHer in Second Life (if I can freaking figure that shit out) but we’ll see. I forgot that BH started yesterday. Hah.

    I’ve got the feeva. And I’ll be checkin’ back 🙂

  22. I have no photo of myself. I just had a baby – there isn’t enough room in a camera’s shot for my huge post-baby self right now.

    BlogHerNot2008 is an idea of pure genius. I SO have the feeva!

  23. And of course I forget to post my url. Looks like I’m the loser of the party. The wallflower. The fat kid by the cookies at the school dance, if you will.

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  25. Damn. Why am I always the last to know? And here I am with all of these bitchin’ new bras and no place (not) to go…

    Next time,


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