BLOGHERNOT ’08 Call for Instructors!

It occurred to me that the best place to wrangle instructors for BlogHerNot is right here with you. The experts. Ma Doogs. And since I kind of just pulled this outta Ma Butt a few days ago, I’m running a little … er, behind.

So, here’s my proposal. Pick one of the course topics in the post directly below, or come up with one of your own, and run with it! Email me the link by midnight MST Thursday — — link back to me, and I’ll post your “presentation” here Friday morning for a full day of classes.

And by all means, feel free to copy and add the official Bodacious BlogHerNot ’08 Badge (above) to your post! If we work it right, the blog love will be spread far and wide.

Of course, there’s also the KICK-ASS PARTY this weekend … cocktails anyone?

Pass it on Doogs!


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41 responses to “BLOGHERNOT ’08 Call for Instructors!

  1. Sign me up for some comment whore posting. And Jesus H, am I the only mofo who just leaves the ol’ Google Reader open so as not to miss new posts?

    Um, yay me for proving I’m qualified to teach about comment whoring? Sweet Ganesh eating a peanut.

  2. You will forever be Comment Ho in my head.

  3. I’m kinda confused. I’m not a good BlogHerNot instructor. Guess I’ll just have to be a kick-ass attendee.

    But don’t forget to come the Human Party I’m sponsoring! You should make me a badge for that, Mommypie. I’m thinking lots of glitter. And strobe lights.

  4. Wha?? SWM, you’d be GREAT! All you have to do is write a post (on your site) about blogging and send me the link — I’ll fully pimp it for you! And I’m SO coming to your place for the Human Party. I’ll make sure the Doogs know. Just be prepared. They like to drink.

    A lot.

  5. Professor McMommy here!!! I’ll take the how to earn a living one!!

  6. Perfect – can’t wait!

    ** And so everyone knows, there’s no limit to the number of instructors per topic. If someone else picks the topic you want, you can still take it. **

  7. I want “How to Nail a Psycho YouTube Commenter Against the Wall.” I’ll be posting tonight.

  8. THAT’S AWESOME. You’re so on the list.

  9. Oooo oooo ooh! Me me me!! I’m an excellent Stalker… Ask anybody!

  10. How do you think I came up with the topic? You stalking BHJ until he followed you … evil genius.

  11. I’d be honored to pass on the information I gleaned in decades of corporate sleazation: How to act interested and then do nothing. It’s an artform that must be shared.

  12. I’ll teach something! But I didn’t see a list of topics. Am thinking…

  13. Oops. I posted my “5 Stages of Blogging” crap before I knew about the instructorship.

    That might have worked like 3 days from now.

    Meanwhile, will rack brain for new topic.

  14. QB

    Can I blog about what it’s like to deal with a coworker whose work ethic goes down because she’s blogging at work instead of actually WORKING???


  15. I’m supposed to be going to Movie Night Saturday. I may have to cancel, this is gonna be good!

  16. i’ll blog about how rocking BlogHerNot 08 was 🙂

  17. Are you talking about ME, QB? You’re not really my arch nemesis, the Creepy Dude in the Next Cubicle, are you?

  18. ModernSingleMomma

    Sign me up for the extra credit course on How to be a Self Indulgent Vlogger– that’s short for Video Blogging for the newbies 😉 Sure to keep you on the cutting edge of trends and in the front of the line for all the hate mailers.

  19. I am so all about flooding Twitter with our fabulous conference. I have to teach a class on Victorian images of working-class women for SIX HOURS on Friday, but I will write a post the night before teaching something else and schedule it to post on Friday…hmm…how about The Five Best Ways to Build Blogging Time into Your Schedule without “Accidentally” Losing Your Children in Target to Buy Time? It’s a bit long to be really catchy, but the topic might be useful. And then, once this 3 days/18 hrs of IRL class is over, I will be sipping wine, reading blogs, hanging with ma doogs (in my jammies, OF COURSE), and leaving comments like the coming-out-of-retirement ho that I want to be. Damn (can I say that on this blog?) I’ve missed active blogging this past week!

  20. I have no idea.

    Perhaps I might just make a better student than instructor. Unless of course anyone cares to learn the fine art of being a comment Nazi…also known as “how to make whining on Twitter work for you!”

  21. Modern Single Momma, MommyTime and Auds —

    Those are ALL fantastic topics — can’t wait to read your posts!! (Auds, this means YOU too — Whining on Twitter/Comment Nazi is PERFECT.)

  22. I’m in. I don’t know which course yet but dammit I’ll come up with something!

    I can haz booze at this thing?

  23. No skillz here, but I posted a badge in my sidebar!

  24. Ms. Single Mama

    Can I submit early?

    How to nail a YouTube commenter with a blog post.

    Dedicated to single moms and the psychos who hate us.

  25. Awesome MSM! I’ll be over to read it and will link you on Friday …

  26. Can we have fruity, beachy drinks? I’ll be joining in from the beach if the house has wireless. Ooh, nibble on the fingernails and pray we do!

  27. I have no idea what I am meant to be doing with BlogHerNot, but I imagine I would be just as clueless with the real thing.

  28. Ann

    I just want to attend and get drunk in the back of the room and yell “FREEBIRD”!! Is that cool?

  29. mydoppleganger

    Veronica, I’m with you. I’ll be thinking of a topic today, but in case I can’t, I’d like to participate in EVERY ONE of those discussions. They sound very helpful!

  30. QB

    bejewell~I’m a certainly NOT “creepy dude in the next cubicle.” haha. But don’t worry, I’m guilty of the blogging at work too! That’s why it’s my topic. 😉

  31. mydoppleganger

    oooh. I’ve got one.
    How to Blog at work and not get caught.
    I’m still working on a more clever title. Any suggestions?

  32. Oh man. I was totally waiting for something like this. I needed a place to ride my Harley and wear my assless chaps.

  33. I’ll take this one “Toilet Seats While On Travel” or “My Adventures in Hovering” kisses, standing still (wearing my assless chaps)

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  35. Ava

    I wanna come! Can I post about alternate uses for those lime Popsicles accumulating in the back of the freezer?

  36. Oh lord, I can’t imagine me being the instructor of


    but if I write a post I’ll let you know. : )

  37. Jen

    I’ll be at the beach too. Isn’t it pathetic that I’m a little sad to have to miss out on all the bloghernot festivities to go to the beach. I should teach a class on “How Not to Let Blogging Rule Your Entire Life”

  38. Jen

    Actually I shouldn’t teach it, I need to attend it.

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  40. I just emailed you my link. I hope it’s not too late.

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