It’s good to be bad.

So, about my writing. I try to write as I would speak in normal conversation. As if you were here in the room with me. Which means breaking a lot of “rules.”

I’m aware of this. I’m very familiar with the rules. I just choose to ignore many of them.

For the record, I LIKE fragments. A lot.

And beginning fragments with “And.”

And “But.”

Sometimes I even make up words.

It’s not always pretty, but it’s authentic. It’s me.

Which is why THIS cracked me up. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’ll relate. Thanks Chris Brogan for Tweeting this last week.


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18 responses to “It’s good to be bad.

  1. You go girl!! I teach English, and I don’t follow all the rules all the time.


  2. I break those rules every single damn day.

    A lot.

    And with gusto.

  3. Rules schmules…not schmoolies…schmules.

  4. Who? Me? Never!!!!!! Balderdash.
    (I am also partial to “…”)

  5. Undergrad: English. Grad: Communications. Frags are my best friends. Ever. Glad you are back online;)

  6. That is the best, article in the history of literature. Everyone whoever wrote, like a canary in a coal mine, should see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cant never imagine one better. Never ever ever!!! Im just happy you where here to spend time with.

  7. I am the Queen of the split infinitive, the princess of parenthetical remarks, and I can always be counted on to use a comma as my best friend!

    I write just like I speak and I’m proud of it; grammar, punctuation and syntax be damned!

  8. Just one of the many many things I love about blogging — NO RULES!!

  9. Woopsy. I’ve broken them all. My bad.

  10. English major here, and I don’t even try to follow rules. Blogging has actually made me forget most of them, which won’t be fun when I got back to my writing tutor job this fall.

  11. love me some fragments. and i use them. a lot. too.

  12. I write like I talk too. Which I’m sure would be fine most of the time. Although sometimes I have to edit mercilessly.

  13. Where do you put your punctuation when parentheses are involved? Apparently I do it the way of the English, rather than American. I think it makes me that much more lovable.

  14. I had a college prof who literally SCREAMED at me for not putting punctuation INSIDE parentheses. He was an ass. But I’ve never forgotten the rule.

  15. I am the Queen of Run-On Sentences. And also the Queen of Fragment Sentences.

    Basically, I am just one giant contradiction.

  16. Rules are boring! I once had a writing lab assistant tell me I write like I talk and there is nothing wrong with it. So, HA! Permission to write any way I damn well please, thank you very much!

  17. That was a good read. Fo’ Sho. Uh-huh.

  18. Di

    I love that! I am an editor, so I’m really tuned in to grammatical errors and apostrotastophes as I call them. But I am not usually critical of bloggers. We all write on the fly and do the best we can. And the “genre” (if we can call it that…didn’t I just break a couple of rules with the quotes and parentheses?) demands a conversational style that doesn’t always follow the rules.

    I do thoroughly enjoy skewering signs and publications that make grievous errors. And it’s even more fun now because I have my kids, their friends and even my husband looking for these grammar gaffes!

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