Twitterho has a dream.

You know I’m a Twitterho.

Doogs, the New Media Douchebaggery has reached a new level.

My subconscious.

Twitter rehab may be in order.



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19 responses to “Twitterho has a dream.

  1. That was the best thing so far this morning. I can go offline happy until this afternoon. What it means — I have no idea. But I liked it.

  2. I’m never going to get that pic of obese Steve Perry out of my head. There is no mental brain-wash (Listerine for the mind, so to speak) for that sort of thing. Yikes.

    Funny as hell m’dear, in a bizzare and amusing way.

  3. did you go to sleep w a full stomach?

  4. Mommypie, please put the taco down… slowly. Now step away from the taco. Step awa-a-a-a-y from the taco. There. Don’t you feel better?

  5. QB

    Dude…you’re on crack.

  6. Dude … you don’t even have SOUND.

    ‘Cause … that makes it way less weird.

  7. What the..?? And thank god Indy-Han came along otherwise you might be inside someone’s belleh right now.

  8. Bikerchick_Barb

    I’m trying to decide if you have more creativity, spare time, or repressed sublimation…it’s a toss-up!

    Srsly, girl, could I hire you to document my vivid dreams and then I can just submit them to various therapists, instead of wasting time on their couches when I could be twittering?

    Awesome segment, great production values, but really glad you woke up when you did! Now go get you some meatloaf for lunch, okay?

  9. I would be afraid to a video of my subconscious.

    But I’m glad you did yours, as it was highly entertaining.

    Also? Agreed on the high-quality production values!
    Is that John Waters I hear calling?

  10. …to DO a video of my subconscious.

    See? My subconscious wouldn’t even let me write it…

  11. Dude, no wonder you don’t sleep.

    What did you create that godawfulness in? I might have nightmares about fat Steve Perry tonight. And for the record, I know all the words to Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Love it!

  12. okay…umm..crap I got nothin’ to follow that up. I am going to have to step it up on my next blog post….D A N G

  13. KD – Yeah … not a whole lotta comments …

    I seriously think I totally FREAKED everyone out.


  14. That was genius. I ❤ Meatloaf too — especially (and really only) for the Paradise… You are twisted and hilarious and brilliant, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially little Greyson Harrison Smithington III.

  15. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha oh my GAHHHHHH ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha my belly hurts ha ha from laughing ha ha ha ha

    Especially the Meatloaf graphic. And the song, which is actually the funniest part, whether or not it was intended to be.

    Will you redo my wedding video?

  16. Hahaha you rock! I think the only Meatloaf dreams I’ve had involve Fight Club themes.

  17. Oh mommiepie, you are either a creative genius or seriously disturbed. Either way you’re funny as heck. Love the video, love the song.

    Good thing your brother didn’t think you said Debbie Harry. That would’ve been all kinds of messed up.

    Rawk on, twitterho. Rawk on.

  18. HRH

    OMG that was funny. I now will dream the entire Bat out of Hell album which is good because I know all the words.

    Sweet dreams.

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