No rest for the weary.

In about eight hours, Grandpa Bobo, MP and I will be leaving Denver and making the long drive home.

Oh, how I’ve missed the blog and ma Doogs!

I’ll be picking up where I left off with last week’s little Road Tweeting experiment, but in the meantime, if you’ve never traveled with a four-year-old, here’s a taste from Day One of the D-Town trip.

See you soon!



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17 responses to “No rest for the weary.

  1. Oh, she is so CUTE! And, Grandpa Bobo sounds like my dad. lol.
    BTW, we bought TVs/DVD player for the car. Best money ever spent!:)

  2. are you DRIVING while recording this?

    oh and yeah – very cute.

    btw, i totally feel bad for the kids on roadtrips anymore. i mean, when we went on roadtrips when we were kids, we had free reign in the back of the car… kids these days are TRAPPED in their 5-point harnesses with nothing to do unless you have a DVD player to keep them occupied. and then, if you’re like my 4yo, you get car sick if there is anything in your stomach…

    btwx2, we just got back from a 3+ hour roadtrip driving back from the beach with the 4yo and the 2yo. NOT FUN.

  3. littlemansmom

    Too Funny! I sooooooooooooooo know that feeling! LOL….. Littleman and I have always popped out often for mini road trips…

  4. You have been missed! Hurry home (but drive safely) and I will give you a gift of a post all about our secret boyfriend m’kay? Good.

  5. pisceshanna

    Hope you had fun in my fabulous state of Colorado (Like I own it HA!). Glad to see you back on the blog.

  6. Oh, boy! I remember THOSE days 🙂

  7. have a safe and fun ride back home. hope you took off a few days when you come back!

  8. I’m glad you are posting again because I read your blog regularly. I was laughing so hard at this video and MP looks totally kitted out with fun stuff for the road trip.

  9. So – is your head rotating 360 degrees yet while you barf up pea soup?

  10. Update! I need an update!

    Mommy Pie withdrawals are not good for my skin or general emotional state.

  11. Oh my gosh, that was priceless. I guess there won’t be ANY silent violin’s in MP’s future. Your dad cracks me up.

  12. another co-worker

    I love BoBo

  13. Your dad looks resigned to a fate worse than he ever imagined. Poor guy. Silent violin — ha! Glad you’re home.

  14. Oh I just thought the first post had me laughing! You have made my day!

  15. I SO appreciate this one!… Headed off right now to go and see Grandpa so he can “big girl sit” tonight.

    I wondered the same: did you tape this while driving. What the–??

  16. Matter of Fact Mommy, Tranny Head, Single Mom Seeking and anyone else amazed and astounded at the fancy camerawork …

    Yes, I did in fact, tape this while driving. And I promise I kept my eyes on the road. The MP shot was totally over the shoulder — I’m shocked I actually got her in the frame.

    I know, I know. Going to my room.

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