Colorful day at the Pie House

How I know it’s time to get my roots done.

Mommy, I know what color your hair is.

You do? What color?



Acorns are brown at the top.


The first time she’s noticed any difference.

(Watching the Bill Cosby cartoon featuring a black family)

Mommy, Little Bill and his mom forgot to put sunscreen on.


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12 responses to “Colorful day at the Pie House

  1. You know, my oldest never mentioned skin color until she was about five. Then, when she did, we just gave it an “eh” attitude, and it hasn’t been a big issue at all. Wonderful.

    Your daughter cracks me up, Acorn Pie. : )

  2. I like the idea of having acorn coloured hair!

  3. that is one smart kid you’re raising there!

  4. She’s brilliant. She’d probably agree with my kids that there is salt in my pepper.

  5. An acorn sounds nice. My daughter once asked me if I was trying to grow a skunk on my head.

  6. KD

    My M always tells me how nice my hair looks after I get it done, and how the yellow looks better without the brown. Nice.

  7. Cute! We’re a biracial family. I though skin color differences would make an appearance earlier but my son was about 5 too. Sadly, he only brought it up because of something a kid at school said. But it’s OK now.

  8. I suppose there WAS one other time it came up. And it’s one of my favorite moments — she was just three, saw a pic of a little black baby on a Huggies box, and asked if she herself was brown when she was a baby.

    *sigh* In THAT sweet, innocent sense, I wish we could all stay three.

  9. HA! Acorn! That MP…she’s a clever one!! Cute story.

  10. Hilarious! I love both stories. Kids are so literal and honest in their observations. And they don’t have any false pretenses so it makes it all funny.

  11. LMAO. I love your daughter. I hope my son is that cute when he gets older.

  12. LOL! I love it! One of my twins said she liked the “clear” (aka gray) hair the best.

    My oldest noticed a difference at the age of four or five also; anyone darker was dubbed “tanned”.

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