Wrong Cathouse, Hef


Mr. Hefner’s back.

What does he want now?

He’s looking for Paris.

He’s got the wrong cathouse. Tell him she left awhile ago.

Okay, but he doesn’t look so good. He’s kinda OLD.

I know, Honey. Just send him on his way. The cathouse he’s looking for is much bigger.

What about the three ladies holding him up?

Them too.


Filed under Piece of Pop Culture

6 responses to “Wrong Cathouse, Hef

  1. Hahaha! This is so funny, Mommypie. Yeah Hef’s a little too old for the cathouse too. I wonder what Mrs. Cat is thinking of now?

  2. HA!
    Love this. I could never understand the appeal of that man. Think they are after the $$? Nahhhhh…

  3. Did you sneak into my painkillers mommypie?

  4. Sadly, I have no excuse.

  5. PJ Momma: Do you deliver??

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