Love, death and reincarnation in five minutes or less.

MP had quite a bit to say on the ride home last night. Within a span of five minutes she shocked me once, she shocked me twice, and neatly wrapped things up by confirming the propensity for dumb humor may actually be an inherited trait.

I’m in love with Ronan and Hunter.

Wha?!? Eee ooo, eee ooo. (That’s me cleaning out my ears.)

When did THIS happen? MP’s all of FOUR. I’m hoping she just means this little threesome is sharin’ the Barney Buddy Love. (“I love you, you love me, we’re a great big fam-il-y.” ) I’m so not prepared for the first crush. So not.

Everyone in this town is going to die.

Umm … After making it past the initial shock of this heady proclamation, I was relieved to find out it was NOT in fact, some catastrophic premonition. Instead, she told me her theory on death, explaining matter-of-factly that everyone dies. And when a person dies, someone new is born. More importantly, when a person dies, they COME BACK. So says the Dalai MP.

And, lastly, a joke.

Why did Shaggy cross the road?

(Tired) I don’t know. Why?

Try, Mommy.

(More tired) I don’t know. Why.


To get to the other side?


Hello, Daughter. I love you.


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18 responses to “Love, death and reincarnation in five minutes or less.

  1. so glad you took her off the ritalin. JUST KIDDING! wow i get shocked when my daughter starts counting and gets to seven, only she says it “se-men” in front of all the people at church. i’m looking forward to a lot more things to blog about. cheers!

  2. Ha! I love it! My kids went through that, and still do, really. I’ve hear, “I’m going to marry (fill in blank)” so many times it’s not funny. Have you read MP the “Junie B. Jones” series yet? Junie B. has a crush in kindergarten – makes it less shocking to hear it’s natural. It’s a great series if you haven’t already – very funny and enjoyable for a parent to read to kids. 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m going to have to find those books. I was beginning to worry it was the damn hormone-injected hamburger …

  4. My girls always talk about dying… it’s an every day discussion for them. It drives me batty when I hear them talk about it. They’re only 3 & 5…

  5. Wait, we’re all going to die? Why am I paying my Visa bill then?

  6. She’s what we call an “old soul”

  7. Oh, SUCH an old soul. Knew it the minute I laid eyes on her.

  8. This post gets one big Awwww!!!

  9. Ronan and Hunter? Well if they’re as great as their names, then I approve.

  10. littlemansmom

    Bwahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa….I LOVE it!

    Reincarnation is a big thing these days I think. Littleman recently asked me if, when he comes back, if he got to choose what he came back as…you see, he wants to come back as a puffin….yep, a puffin…

  11. A puffin. Does it GET any cuter? I think not.

  12. KD

    What a cutie. I love the car conversations at the end of the day. The kids always have the most off the wall random thoughts.

  13. Queen Bee

    oh MP, so funny. I think Ramona also eludes to this, she’s she? Check out Ramona Quinby, Age 8. A little above her reading skill, but makes a great bedtime story!

  14. Queen Bee

    Ok, PROOF READ, then post.
    It was supposed to read: doesn’t she. not she’s she. wow…it’s 3:50 in the afternoon, and I’m exhausted.

  15. Whoa — kind of Poltergeist-like (do I have my movie reference right? “They’re hee-eeeere . . .”) She’s gonna be a handful until she’s 34. In a good way. : )

  16. I love her!

    and I agree with Mental P Mama re: the names. Why couldn’t we have had names like the kids do these days? Too hip.

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