How a stupid waste of time reinforces my faith in humanity.

I’ve become a little addicted to Twitter. A month ago, I thought it sounded like the stupidest waste of time. Honestly, on paper, it STILL sounds like a stupid waste of time. But there’s something about it …

It’s habit-forming.

If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s a Richard Scarry book, without Lowly Worm.

Like the classic, What Do People Do All Day? (Or something like that …)

For whatever reason, it’s comforting to know what others are doing. Maybe it’s the bare, basic, real-time humanity. Follow enough people and you’ll very likely see every emotion imaginable expressed over the course of 24 hours.

Tonight for example, I suffered a huge disappointment. I was depressed. I wanted to cry. And I Twittered so. Within five minutes, a fellow Twit, Jessica from Moms Group Manual, reached out across Bloggywood with an unexpected show of concern. And then San Diego Momma did the same. And it actually made me feel better.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

New. Media. Douchebag.

I now appeal to all you skeptics out there — you have nothing to lose, so give it a shot! You don’t have to have a blog — anyone can do it. Just click on the Twitter link in the upper right corner of this page and sign up.

I’ll be your Twitterho … will you be mine?


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31 responses to “How a stupid waste of time reinforces my faith in humanity.

  1. MommyTime

    I will admit to being a huge skeptic. I waste so much time already…how could I possibly find more to waste? Also, every time I have looked at Twitter in the last week or so (yes, the siren song keeps seducing), it is in “overload” mode or whatever, so I can’t even get past page one. Also also, MommyTime is taken as a user name. So is MommysMartini. And I’m afraid if I just choose Gladys (also not my real name) no one will know who I am. Hmmm… maybe I’ll try ONE MORE TIME to sign up. If you find a “theRealMommyTime” on Twitter, you’ll know it’s me.

  2. I’m with MommyTime on this one. I have it but cannot for the life of me figure it out. I keep getting emails from the nice folks at Twitter telling me that someone is now “following me”….Ok, creepy much? Well not really. I get it, seriously I get the concept, I’m just not sure I get what I’m supposed to do with it.

    That probably made no sense whatsoever…but see, therein lies my problem.

  3. Yay! So far, four of you have decided to take the plunge! Let the addiction commence.

    And PS — I didn’t mention you can follow FAMOUS Twitterers if you’re into that. Just google “Twitter” and the person’s name to see if they have an account. (There’s actually probably a better way, but that’s all I’ve come up with so far.) I’m following Anderson Cooper, and he’s a pretty funny guy. Who knew?

  4. I am embracing my newmediadouchebagedness and loving it. I seriously love my twitter friends more than they know. (Yes, sad…but still, I “talk” with them more than my “real” friends.) Think of it not as a giant time suck, but as a tool for networking. Networking for the moms of the new generation!

  5. Oooohhhh!! I love how I seem so DOMESTIC in that Twitter!!!

    You put into words my exact feelings about twitter. I have a love/hate relationship with it……I used to think it was the most ridiculous thing. It still is…a little. But I think I love it more than hate it now.

    Let me know who signs up! I will add them to mine!

  6. You have nothing to lose?!?!? I can barely keep my head afloat blogging. I want to Twitter, really I do. But how? It’s 11 am and I’m still in my pjs, and I haven’t gotten through all my “daily” reads yet. Aaaah!

  7. Twitter grounds me.

    Literally, I can’t leave the house and I can’t watch tv.

  8. I like twitter. I follow wil wheaton.

    But he doesn’t follow me. Boohoo.

  9. Thank you for introducing me to Twitter mommpie. I’ll admit at first I was like WTF?, but then when it asked me if it could look at my gmail account (I thought for certain it was spying on me) for friends, I was amazed at how many people on my email list were on twitter and none of them told me. All those bastards thought they could hide from me.

  10. KD

    I can’t figure out how to use it. The fact I have a blog and used to run a web-site astounds me and yet I can’t figure out twitter…I am a dork.

  11. Duuuude. Just start clickin’ on stuff, that’s my motto. When all else fails, click. I’ll convert you yet!

  12. Bikerchich_Barb

    Okay, I’ve fallen for Twitter for some of the same reasons you cite– it makes me feel human when I might conclude otherwise 😉 (Is that reverse voyeurism– read other peep’s tweets to make you realize how good you have it??) And I feel way more connected to what’s happening webwise than if I had to surf for all that. And for the most part it’s pretty non-spammy in terms of commerce. BUT! Some heavy tweeters I’ve noticed seem to use it to pimp traffic. And since you can’t read the domain of a tinyurl, you’re sort of stuck clicking to figure it out. I’ve def landed on some NSFW links that way. Anyone else experience that?

  13. This is all just way too cool, to hear that others also struggle with the “how” of doing it and to know I am not the only NMD sitting here staring at the monitor… staring… staring… and not having one effing clue as to what to do next. Ahhhh, so nice to get that off my nonexistent chest.
    And now, as they used to say at the end of local TV station editorials: “Thank You. We welcome your reply.” (Heh-heh-heh.)

  14. I am addicted to Twitter and Facebook these days. No wonder my consulting business is flailing. I claim to do it in the name of understanding new media for my clients’ benefit. Um, yeah. That’s it.

    I’m following you, MP!

  15. I’m not sold. I feel like I need a laptop or a Blackberry to do it effectively. I agree with Where Was I. I haven’t eaten yet (it’s 9:55am), me and the kid are still in PJ’s and we’re supposed to be at the park in half an hour for a playdate. No time to Twitter.

  16. Not a twitter bug, but here’s what I’m usually doing, Eating…eating, sitting eating, walking eating, laying down eating….and eating before my half hour is up, and then swimming.

  17. Okay, LOVIN’ the convo we’ve got goin’ here. Weighing the options, sharing your experiences … have I told you lately you guys rock?

    Pass the International Coffee.

  18. pajama momma

    Pass the International Coffee.

    Jean Luke (said all Frenchy sounding)

  19. mommytime is this why you’re on twitter too? last year when i discovered it, i thought who would want to know every second of my life. (ha and i blogged which is every other hour). then i would have all these observational sarcasm dripping out of my brain that begged to be twittered. the rest as they say, was history. here i go, twittering you now mommypie!

  20. i want to try it, i really do. but i’m afraid of discovering one. more. thing. that will adhere my butt even more firmly to the chair in front of my computer.

  21. busymom23

    I like Twitter . . . I follow my daughter, and it’s fun hearing about her, her husband & my granddaughter during the course of a day. He Twitters too, occasionally. =) I wish my husband hadn’t discovered it . . . I feel like I have NOTHING to myself.

  22. Yeah, my best friend doesn’t blog, but she Twitters.

  23. maleesha

    I recently joined Twitter myself and it is fun. I am slightly happy whenever someone I know sends a tweet that they are about to go off to lunch…like they’re just next door or something. And today when I spilled coffee all over my car, I tweeted that as soon as I got to work and got some sympathetic messages in return. 🙂

  24. I’m off to follow you. Twitter takes a bit to ‘get’. And I’m not sure I’m there….yet.

  25. Joined Twitter months ago,and used it every time I posted to my blog. Didn’t work. Wasn’t satisfying. Took too much time. Stopped even looking at Twitter.

    Then my ultimate NMD friend Gubby (he’s the one who sent me the NMD video in the first place, so I blame HIM) convinced me to give it another shot. I Tweeted something sarcastic. I got a new follower (minion). I did it again — two more minions.

    Now I’m a Twitter Ho with weird and sarcastic remarks flying from my fingertips. I’m sure the proper authorities have been alerted and it’s only a matter of time.

    Does the state hospital have WiFi, do you know?

  26. NNNnnnnnnooooooooo….

    I cannot possibly find time for one more Internets addiction. Plus I’m a little rebellious so if everyone is doing it I don’t want to and if no one does it it’s the collest. thing. EVER.

    Some people would call that spiteful.

    I just can’t. I’m already having to put out more than usual to the hubs for my blogging time. Who knows what I’ll have to do it I start twitting. (Twittering? Twit? Twat?)

    Does that just make me a mini-douche? Or just punk rock??

  27. I totally followed you, and you didn’t follow me back. Who do you think you are? Hillary Clinton? :cackles madly:

  28. DOOG! I can’t keep up! Consider ‘yoself followed!

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