So, bologna’s out of the question?

Thanks to Stay-at-Home Dad Alex, who emailed me this link. Good stuff.


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19 responses to “So, bologna’s out of the question?

  1. Sadly, I know people like this. Sigh.

  2. KD

    Oh my word…People like that kill me…and I live in the NW so you know that there are tons of those in squirrelly-ville….

  3. Living in Maine, I am surrounded by an army of crunchy connoisseurs. Drives me batty!

  4. Ahhh, in Ann arbor there are tons and tons of these guys. And I used to work at a high end food chain…and get lectured for my love of twinkies and all things processed. It’s super funny because it is so true!

  5. Dang it if my sound isn’t working again this week!

  6. Sommelier savant! That kills me.

    I’m afraid my husband thinks I sound like this now, ever since reading “Animal Vegetable Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver.

    My son was offered at Oreo at a friend’s house recently and he turned to me to ask what it was. The other parents were aghast. I felt a twinge of pride sprinkled with a dollop of embarrassment.

  7. I KNOW!! Sommelier savant was my favorite part. 🙂

    And, about the Oreo — MP has never tasted pop and her friends’ parents think I’m a nutjob.

  8. Constantly hugged goats ?

    Bet they’ve never seen a goat.

  9. In fits over here. Laughed and laughed. Sent it to everybody I know, including my three favorite chefs. Who all LOVE bolognie samiches, by the way. Thanks for that!

  10. How bad will you make fun of me if I told you I did the “Master Cleanse”? I only made it for 12 days, my dad did it for a whole 30. I can not smell grade “B”maple syrup without getting nauseous.

  11. OMG, I’m dying. That’s hilarious!! Care if I steal… crediting you, of course!

    My mom is a junk food queen and it’s all we can do to keep soda out of their sippies when we visit. Thankfully the one time she tried to sneak it to the boys they made a face and spit it out. I was so proud.

    I have a friend whose kids call Happy Meals “Sad Meals” because she won’t let them have the fries and gives the toys to a charity that collects them. That made me laugh too… but not as much as this!

  12. that makes me cringe because I know WAY too many people just like that. Geh. SCARY!

  13. DOOG!! Do you know about this? You are rockin’ the world: Congratulations!

  14. Dying laughing and crying because I think I go to church with that guy’s twin brother.

    My kid’s intestines are clogged with goldfish and pudding packs, and they always reach for jello.

  15. Constantly hugged goats! Hee hee. The fact that there are people like this is what makes it so funny!

  16. maleesha

    Ha! Thanks for the laugh…

  17. Yikes. We all know someone like that and you just want to smash pie or cake into their face but then that would be a waste of some sugar, huh? 🙂

  18. Georgann

    Too funny!!! Constantly hugged goats indeed!

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