Feelings of graditude on Grandfather’s Day

This is Bobo, my dad. MP’s grandpa.














He brings me things. Like bags of laundry. Because not only do I owe him for the college years when I dragged 20 tons of my own dirty laundry home, he’s now a full-time RVer and afraid of getting lice from the communal laundry room. I’m fairly certain hot water and a spin cycle would take care of any issues, but I’m totally on the same page. The familial phobias, they run deep.

And just the other day, he stopped into my office and brought me this.








He also clips articles he thinks I should read — torn pages from Money Magazine and USA Today and other random publications from the coffee shop or the dentist’s office, with topics ranging from finances, food, health and single parenthood. For MP, it’s the Sunday Funnies.

Bobo’s favorite catch phrases include, “THAT’s gonna itch when it dries,” “Bull ROAR!” “Drier than a popcorn fart,” “Love me, love my dog,” and the constant crowd-pleaser, “I’m not picking … I have an itch.” MP thinks he’s absolutely hilarious.

He’s nothing if not a character.

He comes to watch her at gymnastics each Friday, and afterward we go to lunch. She has come to count on Sunday night dinners with Bobo. Family meals are a big deal at the Pie House.

Come summer, we fish.









And she loves him. And he, her.

Then there’s Poppy, my stepfather and MP’s other grandpa.









Poppy lives next door with Grammy. We all have dinner together a few times a week. He loves MP with the intensity of a thousand suns. The two are kindred spirits. They talk about all kinds of things — sometimes without speaking a single a word.

They take tractor rides and watch the sunset. Or in this case, giant piles of dirt.










And when he shoots gophers from the porch, MP begs to collect them. I don’t let her. (We’re not COMPLETE savages.) She DOES make the rounds with Grammy, however. I provide surgical gloves and masks.

Ah, the bonding opportunities country livin’ affords.

Mostly, he is her constant. In the absence of a father, he is the one who’s there every day, just a few paces away, right next door.

MP adores him. And he, her.

So, this Father’s Day, as is tradition, we will be celebrating Bobo and Poppy, and Grandfather’s Day. MP will make cards and we’ll split the day between the two. And I’ll say a little prayer of thanks that MP has two wonderfully colorful male role models in her life. They provide important things her single mama doesn’t.

Grandfatherly things.

Man things.

Like fart jokes and dead gophers.

Okay, like dead gophers.


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23 responses to “Feelings of graditude on Grandfather’s Day

  1. That’s so sweet. And to have them so close by…

  2. Okay I’m loving this…

    I love the fishing pictures. It’s in my blood.

    I absolutely LOOOVE your tribute to the men in your life…

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the drier than a popcorn fart reference. My great grandpa used to say that, just before he’d break out into song on his harmonica that he pulled out of the pocket of his Osh Kosh denim overalls, playing the chorus of Amazing Grace.

    Thanks for this…You’ve reminded me of the simple things this Father’s Day…

  3. Ha ha! They sound like great grampas!! But where does bobo go in the winter if is snows in JUNE??? And. the only gopher is a dead gopher. Seriously.

    🙂 Happy fathers day!

  4. That was beautiful. Seriously, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes….and for once it’s not the pollen’s fault!

  5. that is one lucky little girl. i suspect she knows it.

  6. What a beautiful tribute-I mean, as beautiful at dead gophers and itchy spots can be. (My dad refers to his itchy spot all the time, I call it a Peritoneum).

    You are blessed.

  7. Okay, THAT Fam — I was thinking more NOSE picking, but butt picking works too. It’s a dad thing. 😉

  8. Your children will always remember and appreciate how well you treat your family and the memories you all make will last a lifetime!

    Simply beautiful.

  9. Who knew popcorn farts and dead gophers would bring out the softer side of Mommy Pie???

    I loved it! A wonderfully touching yet funny tribute to two amazing Grandpas!

  10. I loved that. What a great place for MP to grow up! (Wide open spaces! Wow! I haven’t seen one of those since ’99.)
    AND two doting grandpas.

    Beautiful Father’s Day post.
    Plus, the onion just puts it over the top.


  11. I love the intimacy of this post. (As intimate as one can be with dead gophers in the picture, I mean.) MP and you are part of a great family. Have a wonderful day.

  12. And just the other day, he stopped into my office and brought me this.

    the onion? Now that is love. And I’m sure it was a subliminal message to you, you just don’t know how deep he is.

    Shootin’ gophers? I think you channeled my grandpa. He’s the tall one with (shocker) the flask.

  13. I just read (and commented on) your post about Dooce. From the GoodMom/BadMom site.

    Congrats on being listed by them…

  14. Well that grandpa link didn’t work.

  15. I love your grandpa pic! And the Onion … if Bobo were suddenly hip enough to know what it was, I’d be convinced he was a Pod Person.

  16. Oh well, wasn’t that just the greatest post!

  17. What a great tribute to two wonderful grandfathers! What a blessing your daughter has them both so close and as such an integral part of her life. Hope you all enjoyed the day yesterday!!

  18. Your cup truly runneth over! Notwithstanding popcorn farts.

  19. I’m a goober – I’m totally sniffling over here. I want my own Bobo and Poppy. But I’ll settle for MP’s. When can my room be ready?

  20. Amy In Ohio sent me. Glad she did. Sniff sniff.

  21. This was lovely and funny and touching and warm and sweet.

    Dammit, Jim, I’m a cynic, not a mushhead! You’ve gone and made me a mushhead! : )

  22. Thanks Guys for all your sweet words. Grandfather’s Day was perfect. 🙂

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