The Bobo Conversations: Absent-minded Dirtbag

Today, 11:54 a.m. | Phone call @ work

Me: Hey.

Bobo: Hey. Uhhh, (chuckle) I forgot why I called you.

Me: Ummm … about your laundry?

Bobo: No.

Me: The storage unit?

Bobo: No.

Me: The gallery opening?

Bobo: No.

Me: Ummm …

Bobo: Oh, incidentally, I need to talk to you about your portfolio … I was talking to Jim Riv …

Me: Mmm hmm. Dad. Was that what you called about?

Bobo: Noooo …


Bobo: Damn.

Me: (multi-tasking) Are you coming over for Grandfather’s Day?

Bobo: Oh, sure … when is it?

Me: Uh, Sunday I think. (looks at calendar) Yeah, Sunday.

Bobo: Okay, we’ll get a couple ribeyes.

Me: Sounds great.

Bobo: I’ll pick up that movie, Dirtbags

Me: Dirtbags?

Bobo: Dirtbags, Dirt Bucket … oh, you know …



Me: The BUCKET List??

Bobo: Yeah, The Bucket List.

Me: Nice.



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11 responses to “The Bobo Conversations: Absent-minded Dirtbag

  1. HAHAHAHAHA. Dirtbags…not a day goes by where your dad doesn’t crack me up!

  2. That’s cute! Happy Grandfather’s day to your dad!

  3. Dirtbags, The Bucket List…..potato, potahto

  4. I read through that twice b/c it was so funny. And I didn’t see it, but I think “dirtbags” goes kind of against what they were going for.

  5. Yeah, I have NO idea how he got “Dirt.” But, that’s totally Bobo.

    I should probably mention my dad does NOT have Alzheimer’s or dementia or any condition of the elderly. He’s not even elderly. He IS however, a numnut.

  6. I like Bobo. Happy Grandfather’s Day to him!

  7. lmao @ dirtbags… perhaps Bobo is related to my MIL. where DO they come up with this stuff? 😉

  8. Hey! We watched Dirtbags Thursday evening and LOVED it.

    Two thumbs way up for Dirtbags.

  9. Bobo will be happy to hear it. I’m just waiting for him to show up tomorrow night with JOE DIRT.

  10. The scary part, for me, is that I could totally follow his line of reason.

    Your father sounds like a keeper. Hope you day together was full of laughs and warm fuzzies.

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