And now, the weather.

I feel I should document yesterday’s snowstorm. Yes. SNOW. STORM. On June 11.

MP was LOVIN’ it. Here she is catching snowflakes on her tongue. You can’t see her because apparently just before a camera dies, it sees colors, lots of pretty colors. And then it travels down a loooong tunnel toward a beautiful bright light. And if it’s led a good and just life, it comes back as a discounted iPhone.

Our drive to work looked like this.

And this.

After dropping MP off at preschool, Longshoreman Mommypie was COLD and WET and none too thrilled to be wearing wool in JUNE.

Personally, Mommypie prefers cold and wet to look more like this.

Not to worry. Mommypie’s favorite workplace appliance came to the rescue and saved not only the hair, but the day.

And all was well in Pie Town.


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30 responses to “And now, the weather.

  1. Holy cow! I’m sending some of the So Cal sunshine your way. Man, that just blows.

  2. You guys aren’t meant to be in winter!

  3. Well you live in Asscrack, Greenland or something like that, what do you expect? 😉

    Now, who believes in global warming?

  4. Global warming? CHAAH.

    Asscrack. Heh heh.

  5. Yikes! Where’s Al Gore when you need him?

  6. KD

    That is sucktastic. Seriously, I will not be complaining about my rain and 50’s anymore…I would send you sun, but we are all out of that here too.

  7. Yes, the US seems to be in one of three extreme weather zones right now: tornadoes/flash floods OR scorching heat OR snow. (That is, assuming you’ve moved back here from Greenland.) Al said it would happen.

  8. ok usually i am all sympathetic about weather entries. except while you have all that wonderful snowy weather, we have 105 temperatures here in the south. you’re prolly going, what is that bitch complaining about, except its TOO damn f*cking hot to GO OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING!!!! ARGH!!! sorry, i too am fed up w extreme weather. i want nice , normal 75s in june.

  9. Seriously, this weather … it’s a little scary, don’t you think? SUCH extremes all over the country. I feel for all you warm weather mamas though. THAT, I couldn’t handle.

  10. It’s not a good sign that I started salivating at the sight of the marg is it? At 10am.

    Stay warm – and dry. Oy.

  11. whaaaAATT?!! That’s frickin’ CRAZY dude!!!!! Snow storm??!!! Geezus – Did Nostradamus have crazy weather in his predictions I wonder? Scary.

  12. Dude. I’m building an ark. You in?

  13. Did you see that “Copenhagen Chick Photos” came up as a randomly generated post under today’s blog entry?

    Is that dirty? Or about baby chickens? I’m afraid to click it.

    BUT, I hope the weather takes a warm turn this weekend. But that your margaritas stay cold.

  14. I clicked it. It’s about cycling. HOW did you not get that, SDM? I know I think about bikes when I read Copenhagen Chick Photos. Don’t YOU?!?

  15. Do you live in Antartica? Central CA was blistering yesterday, I think you need a road trip to thaw!

  16. Holy crap. Seriously. I don’t even know what to say. I’d die. I can’t bear it for the 4+ months it’s here, but June would send me over the edge. The very slippery, wet, snowy edge.

  17. My husband the physicist, says that the global temperature has actually dropped, and that they are wrong with global warming. We’re due for an ice age he says. 🙂 I’m all for moving south. It’s just MEAN for there to be snow in June! And now I quit complaining about the lack of heat on the central coast of CA.

  18. I say we all go down and beat the snot out of San Diego.

  19. “And if it’s led a good and just life, it comes back as a discounted iPhone.’ HILARIOUS!

    I’m sorry about the weather. Snow in June, it’s illegal.

  20. Foolery: How about if you all come down here and we’ll go out for margaritas?

    Sound like a happy compromise? 🙂

    Although sometimes even I want to beat the crap out of San Diego. She’s like the pretty girl in high school who never sweats or farts.

  21. Ah, LOVIN’ that idea. Although I WAS looking forward to chanting “Fight, fight, outta sight!”

  22. Deal, San Diego! You made orange soda come outta my nose, and I haven’t had orange soda since 1978. How you do dat? : )

  23. I am itching just seeing you in that damn peacoat and hat. It’s another 100 degree day here. Only we get the added benefit, for no extra charge, of little particles floating in the air and a red air quality day thanks to forest fires burning 200 miles away. A delight.

  24. Oh yeah — we’ll be having major fires next month too. Eeevery summer. Awesome.

  25. Wait, do you ACTUALLY live in Greenland? Cause, damn, its been over a hundred degrees here all week. How are we in the same country???

  26. another co-worker

    The sun is shining in AssHat today! Yipee!

  27. WTH?? Snow? Where are you? The north pole?

  28. I remember in high school we all used to go to the restroom during breaks, flip that hand dryer up, turn it on and apply the hair spray. The bigger the better.

    At least you look pretty in wool. That’s um, that’s consolation right?

  29. Okay, the sad thing? In high school, I was so obsessed with the BAH (Big Ass Hair), I actually BROUGHT my blwdryer to school with me every day. I still get sh*t for that.

    And thanks for ‘pretty in wool.’ Now put down that crack pipe, PJM.

  30. It has snowed every single month of the year in Denver except August. I know of what you speak.

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