The crazy woman in the drive-thru lane … that would be me.

In the name of all that’s blogholy, I can now admit, I’ve completely lost touch with reality. I just asked the order-taker-guy at the drive-thru window if I could TAKE HIS PICTURE.

Me: “I need to get your picture … ” (holding up camera phone)

Him: “Why is that?”

Me: “Uh … to send it to my friend.”

Him: “What?”

Me: “She really loooves Taco Time.”

Him: “I see.”

Me: “And she doesn’t live here.”

Him: “I see.”


Me: “Mkay, thanks!”

(drives off)




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17 responses to “The crazy woman in the drive-thru lane … that would be me.

  1. so… where’s the picture?

  2. He was so waiting for you to yell FIRE IN THE HOLE that he was relieved to actually see the camera phone.

  3. The taco time guy? Okay. So let’s see it!

  4. MoFM and Mom — I felt like such a shmo, my guilt got the better of me and I deleted it. Plus, he looked like he was about 13 and I thought the better of putting an unsuspecting CHILD on my blog. Relieved to discover I still have SOME ethics intact.

    Foolery — HA! Mommypie, Tacobomber.

  5. awww, you’ve been watching too many romantic comedies lately, evidently. 🙂

    btw, i totally understand the whole not wanting to post a picture of an unsuspecting minor thing. i have to stop myself of posting pictures from 4yo bday parties i attend… mainly because no one knows about my blog, and if they were to troll the web and find pictures of their child on my site? yeah. i don’t want to go there.

  6. Keeping a secret blog really does impact the whole photo taking thing. I get good shots and want to include them in posts then remember no one knows about my site.

  7. KD

    OMG you kill me!!

    Just PhotoShop your face on his body then you cna post it, unless of course it was his face that was funny…

    Oh and on a side note I have a weird crush not in a sick way but omg he is just so cute way on the kid that works at the Mc D’s by my house. He is adorable! I would take his pic but I go there a lot and well the juveniles would be pissed if I got banned from Mcd’s.

  8. You lose a lot of douchebaggery points for having ETHICS.

    You may gain friends that way, and save your conscience, but I’m just saying that a TRUE NMDbag would have had no such scruples. Just so you know.

  9. KD — NEWMAN. Why didn’t I think of that?!?

    MommyTime — NEWMAN. I’m really enjoying saying Douchebag. Must think of way to reinstate myself as NMD.

  10. Bwwaaaahhhaahaaa!! The video is hi-larious, and now I have to use the word “blogholy” as much as possible.

  11. Ummmm…hello…did you forget you could use the whole “Non-Blogger” black bars?? That’s the only way I could do my SATC post!!

    I love how you are always in NMD mode…even in the taco drive-thru lane!!

  12. Oh, I’m SO off my game.

  13. Now, go ahead and post that picture for me, because I have never heard of Taco Time. I want to see!

  14. another co-worker

    Ok, I think it’s time to tell your blog friends about your unhealthy Taco Time habit. I know you know that kid’s name, probably his family’s names too. You don’t even place an order when you go there anymore, they just give it to you.

    It’s kind of like my obsession with a certain cocktail at a certain bar. But this is about you, not me.


    Oh my stomach hurts! It hurts. ow! ow! ow!

    btw: were you able to see the people grinder in the back kitchen?

  16. Now, thanks to you PJM, I’ll be thinking ‘People Grinder’ every time I hit the drive thru. And, as Another Co-worker alluded to … um, that’s a lot.

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