I love you, now leave me alone.

First, she asked for some tape.

Next, she asked how to spell ‘no.’

And then we hit another milestone.

The first KEEP OUT sign.

Not only did MP post one on HER door …

She posted one next door at the entrance to Grammy and Poppy’s room too.

Grammy and Poppy let her watch cartoons to her heart’s content in that room. And eat ice cream in their bed. So Mommy is not allowed in there either.

Because Mommy is a buzzkill.


My little girl, she’s growing up.


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27 responses to “I love you, now leave me alone.

  1. This is sad. 😦 I remember my kid getting attached to his nanny while I was working before. It really made me cry and worse, depressed.

    *hugs* Your baby might be growing up but she knows who’s her Mama and she’s still gonna look for you whenever you are—I mean I know I always miss mine.

  2. You know, I am dreading the day Amy can do this. I mean, she already tells me to ‘doe ‘way now!’ and ‘OUT! Det OUT NOW’.

    Sad times.

  3. Oh, MP did that too. Couldn’t believe how early it started.

  4. This is just the beginning. It’s officially O-V-E-R. Sorry.

  5. littlemansmom

    I promise it comes and goes..my littleman (now 8) has done this, but the sign gets lifted frequently….kinda cute actually….

  6. Little Man has a sign too? I feel better …

  7. This is awesome. MP is precocious. At least you know that as they get older, they don’t stop doing things that will make you giggle.

  8. KD

    Okay do you have Fancy Nancy books? The last one we bought Nancy goes into a funk becuae she has to mis her bff’s party so she makes a keep out sign. Guess what Muirne had to make as soon as we finished reading the story. Yep. I should have taken pictures. It was cute, but oh so telling of the future.

  9. We have the first Fancy Nancy — she hasn’t quite taken to it … YET. I’m steering clear of the “Keep Out Sign” volume — thanks for the heads up!

  10. Ha Ha! Hilarious and adorable! My three girls do that also (Sophie is still too young, but she is learning from her older sisters). Next will come the door slamming – not as cute. I still remember the first time my oldest told me ‘I HATE YOU!’ It tore my heart out, even though I knew she didn’t – it was just an emotional outburst that I had done, what?, a million times myself to my own parents. At that moment I understood the phrase, “What goes around, comes around”. Sad, huh?

  11. Oh, that’s gonna kill me. I’ve already gotten “I don’t LIKE you anymore,” and that’s bad enough.

  12. That’s so cute. And–sniff, sniff–sad:( But really, you can’t be expected to compete with ice cream in bed and endless tv.

  13. When they kick you out, they are all grown up. I mean ICE CREAM! And TV! Ain’t no way that Mommy’s rules can compete.

  14. My oldest made a “girls rule boys drool” sign when she was 7….now if she can carry that motto through high school we we’ll be just fine! 😉 Happy Tuesday!

  15. Any this is why I’m not teaching P to speak or write.

  16. What a riot!!!
    She cracks me up. MP is gonna be one tough cookie and stand her own ground. No one is walking on that girly!

  17. So true — she’s definitely no pushova!

  18. Why must “no” be the first word they utter *and* write in defiance? I already hear “I need privacy.” from my almost 3-year old, who then shuts his bedroom door. Oh my, what will the teenage years bring of preschool is already chock full of angst?!

  19. I’ll never forget the first time my daughter did this. “Dear Mommy, I hate you. Love, Bird” — complete with a smiley face. I still have it in my jewelry box. Sigh.

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  21. zeynepankara

    Impressed… 🙂

  22. cekka

    Hallo mommy..
    I have 2 boys right now and want a daughter next time. I wonder how my daughter (soon) will behave..

  23. Mine is 7 and she says stuff all the time I can’t believe. They really do grow up fast.


  24. I was fired once. By my three-year-old. It tends to toughen your hide.

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  26. lol. I stumbled on your blog on accident but this gave me a smile. My 2 year old daughter has been refusing to hug me aaalll day. Despite all the ice cream and chocolate I’ve graciously shared with her. *sigh* Kids! If only they knew that in the real world ice cream and chocolate don’t come easy!

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