Jumping on the bandwagon. A TRUE New Media Douchebag move.

Foolery confessed to being one and posted this awesome clip. (One of these days I WILL come up with a different adjective. Just not tonight. I had two Bud Lights at dinner and five hours later, am hung over. I am officially … 40.)

Even though a good number of you may have already seen it, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and reposting it. Because, albeit, I have no idea HOW it happened, I too am a New Media Douchebag.

Plus, it’s early Sunday morning, and Pie House Rules clearly state phoning it in is allowed.


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16 responses to “Jumping on the bandwagon. A TRUE New Media Douchebag move.

  1. Good lord woman, where DO you live if it’s already been Sunday morning at your house for 4 hours? It really might be Greenland after all!

    Also, New Media, perhaps, but douchebag? NEVER.

  2. Hi, my name is McMommy and I am also a New Media Douchebag.


  3. Lol! I’m going to forward this to all the New Media Douchebags I know (lovingly). Personally, I don’t think I count as one. Yet. But that’s because Twitter annoys me and I refuse to use it. Yah, I’m a rebel.

  4. I haven’t seen that! Love it!

  5. Woe is me. I’m a New Media Douchebag too.

    Perhaps I’ll embrace it? I might need to complain about that label. On my blog. And twitter. And then take pictures of my blog and post them on flickr. That will fix it. 🙂

  6. Methinks someone in the old media is jealous. Cry me a river. It’s called progress.

  7. OKay. Fine. If that’s how you’re gonna’ be, then I guess I’ll just double doppler Douchebag dare ya’ to call me a NMDB. TP
    PS: Are you sure Douchebag isn’t hyphenated?

  8. WOW! I am a New Media DoucheBag! I think I will have that put on my business cards. Oh, but douchebag might be a bad word, so please come up with something less offensive…like bitchstick!
    I’m a New Media BitchStick!

  9. I’m a New Media Summer’s Eve. How’s that?

  10. BitchStick good. Summer’s Eve … downright wholesome!

  11. Hello, My Name Is… New Media Douche Bag Bitch Stick Summers Eve MacGillicuddy.

  12. I loved that! Too funny! Well, slap me silly and call me a New Media DoucheBag, because the shoe fits.

  13. *yay* for sweeping generalizations!

    hilarious video… i think i just got a big slap in ‘da face, but i’m laughing about it…

  14. All for progress… even if it comes late for some… like me !!

  15. Oops even got the address of my web wrong that is how new I am to this whole scene…….sad but true

  16. Kelly just joined the ranks of New Media Douchebags with that nifty video presentation.

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