In case you were wondering where I live.

Greenland. I live in Greenland.

This is the view from my office today.

It’s June 6th and I’m wearing a turtleneck. And sitting at work with a space heater on my lap. MP wore her winter coat to preschool this morning, and my heating bill is still over $300.


Global warming? Myth.



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24 responses to “In case you were wondering where I live.

  1. Seriously? Greenland?
    Or am I just really freaking gullible?

  2. Sparkling Mama

    I’m not sure where I live. It’s been in the 50’s today and is supposed to be in the 90’s tomorrow.

  3. KD

    Okay first off I am not a stalker. This is my second comment on your blog today so it may seem so, I just totally have to say that I love the word Asshat lol!

    Yeah you saw my post about the freaking weather….It is totally sucktastic. I want to wear shorts dammit.

  4. Is there another Greenland or do you live in THAT Greenland? I’m not so great a geography.

  5. no, global warming is REAL. its all concentrated right here, where i live. and it happened that way just because the planet likes to annoy me.

  6. Okay, so I know you don’t really live in Greenland, but what I really want to know is: is that REALLY the view out your office window? Because if so? I think I would find it hard to leave work — AND hard to get anything at all done while there. Just sayin’…

  7. Don’t really live in Greenland, but I might as well. And yep, that REALLY is the view out my office window. (Well, I went out to the street to take the photo.)

    Growing up here, you get used to the scenery, but you’re right — it is pretty beautiful.

    If you can deal with the COLD.

  8. BRRR….move to CA, a sun exists here.

  9. Or come down to f*cking Alabama, where the humidity makes you feel like a bucket of hot dirty bath water has been dumped on your head.

    But we do grow some AWESOME tomatoes.

    I guess grass is always greener…

  10. Stunning, stunning view. Florida is flat and I’m terrified my children will get eaten by an alligator. I miss the mountains, I miss snowboarding. Oh and it was freaking 95 degrees here yesterday and it made me want to bash my head in with a hammer. Or just take more pain pills. Dang, am I Debbie Downer today or what? Need more drugs.

  11. Instead of your 50s weather, do you want our 99s to 100s?

  12. In my area, we had no spring. It went from 35 degrees one day to about 95 degrees with 400,000 humidity in a few weeks.

    OK, I lied a bit. There were actually like, 2 days where it was 75 degrees and sunny and not rainy, but those two days my backyard was covered in live cicadas that scared the living sh!t out of my kid.

    Now all the cicadas are dead/dying, and my backyard smells like rotting corpses. No joke. Smells like rotting corpses.

    Want to come over?

  13. Book Mama, PJM, DG, Tela — Okay, I suppose I’ll take the cold over hot dirty bath water, child-eating alligators, 90+ degree temps, humidity and rotting cicada corpses. Tempting though …

    Yeeesh. I couldn’t deal.

  14. Ree

    Michigan isn’t too bad right now. 😉

  15. Cold is good because you can wear layers. Layers hide things like, oh I dunno, backfat? Balck turtleneck and jeans I could leave in year round. It’s like my beatnik uniform.

  16. Ok, with you on that PJM. Layers, goood.

  17. Come live in Australia…at least it is MEANT to be winter here.

  18. Greenland? Interesting, Mommypie. I’d love to see more of your photos of your place. 😀

  19. I live in an area so similar to you. New England has such horrendously cold weather. And then now we have a heat wave? What the?

  20. Hello from Wind Tunnel, California! Where high winds go hand-in-hand with triple-digit temps, and wildfires regularly cause evacuations SOMEWHERE in the valley or foothills. (We had one in my town yesterday, yes we did.)

    A turtleneck sounds like an effective torture device to me right now. Gonna be 97 degrees today, if we’re lucky.



  21. Thanks Foolery — that Greenland reference was just for you my friend …

  22. It’s day 5 of 100 degrees here. I am melting, even though my people are from India, and my DNA should be used to this. I can’t freaking breathe but I’m glad to be in a kicky little sundress and espadrilles instead of a turtleneck. I spent 8 years in Minneapolis, so I feel like I’ve paid my winter dues.

  23. Sucks. The world is seriously coming to an end.

    I’m in a heat wave.

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