Because I’m 11. Or, how to get your ass fired.

You won’t get this … unless you read THIS first.

Mommypie delivers.

All that is stupid.

Sorry ’bout the funky sound. Apparently Vimeo doesn’t like barking dogs in the distance or my new tranny friend QB’s voice.


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18 responses to “Because I’m 11. Or, how to get your ass fired.

  1. Oh my! That sounds like something out of an alien movie. But I must say, you’ve got cajones.

  2. Oh my gosh! I can feel the adrenaline rush! But hey, that sounds fun—though let’s not think about getting fired.

    Go Mommypie!

  3. KD

    OMG I would so *want* to do something like that but not have the guts lol! That is awesome!

  4. Well, you’ve got a future in SciFi film production if you get fired! Just offer to Goo Gone it…

  5. QB

    Ok, so luckily I don’t have speakers to hear the sound a work. I apologize for the Blair Witch Project-type videography. I was a history major, not a film student!! I’m so glad this is on there! HILARIOUS!

  6. littlemansmom

    WOOOHOOO! You ROCK! You’ ‘stickered’ him!!! LOL!!!

  7. another co-worker

    He’s gonna think I did that.

  8. Totally.

    And just so everyone doesn’t think I’m a HYUGE vandal, I put scotch tape on the sticker backing so it wouldn’t be permanent.

    I’m thoughtful like that.

  9. Oh now that’s just too funny. I love the Blair Witch-ness of it all…Superb.

  10. That is so funny. I can think of about 50 people I’d like to do this to…tee hee. Good way to get some cardio in…

  11. Interesting spot you picked to slap the stickers on. It might take him awhile to figure out they are there!

    Please keep us updated on what happens!

  12. If you’re at all worried about getting fired,you could always put McCain stickers on a Dem.’s car, just to keep it completely non-partisan. That way it’s just a practical joke, and not a political statement. (I’m always looking for ways to cover my arse, which daily gets harder to cover.) Good for you!

  13. You are going to keep us updated, right??

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