Happy happy boo hiss.



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23 responses to “Happy happy boo hiss.

  1. Oh, I can so relate. I have yet to figure out the finicky blogosphere. I just keep plugging away, writing and ranting, hoping that someone will catch the fever. Keep it up!

  2. ohigotnothing

    Those stats will raise you up and drop you like a hot potato. That’s why until I have a million hits a month, I’m not even looking at them every hour.


  3. That’s kinda interesting. I wonder what it does to mine? I’ve never even tweeted about a post.

  4. Yes, I’ve had one Bloggess high, and one Bossy high, and then two days later, my stats bar graph looked even sadder because the one big spike made the little stat graph maker people SHRINK the size of the bars for every other day down to almost invisible size by comparison. But here’s what I figure: who cares about stinky bar graphs anyway? (not that I would turn down another tweet!) Because doggoneit, I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and some people like me. 🙂

  5. littlemansmom

    One day up, one day down…kind sounds like my weight struggles! LOL…..Well, I still luv ya and will keep on reading! Who cares what those nasty ole’ graphs say…

  6. That’s so funny. That happened to me after Bossy’s road trip. I was one of the she’s present, so I had almost 500 hits that day. NOT the usual. And the next day it was back to exactly where it was before, and I thought, Not even one?! So yeah, I didn’t impress even one Bossy reader. A good moment.

  7. Aw! I had that happen. But not because I’m on famous blogs. Just because I made some people at Blog-Her mad or something. 🙂

  8. Deb

    One day last February I was stumbled upon 1,492 times, which was great!

    Then, the following day in February, I had 32 hits. I think some people even took back their visit, subtracting from my already meager stats.

    But oh well.

    I think you’ve got an awesome readership and it seems to get better every day.

  9. 1,492 times??!? Only in my wildest dreams.

    Seriously, though, you’re right. I do have awesome readers. The BEST.

  10. yeah how does that happen? i always feel like i write consistently (whining, sarcastic, cute, even funny) but some days are hits, some not. what gives? any clue?my next blog will go into interoffice e-mail.

  11. If I let the stats get to me I would have closed up shop a long time ago!

  12. Ah, tis a fickle world this Internet!

  13. Each of those ticks represents a thousand, right?

    Mine’s only as high as it is because of my mother’s constant refreshing.

  14. Oh yeah. A thousand … I took out the numbers because it was too sad to look at. In my mind, I’m much more famous.

    Gotta tell my mom to do more refreshing.

  15. My best day was 114 and it was just a few days after Anna was born.

    To make myself happy, I like to compare stats from my very first month blogging to the second month. It was a huge increase! Now if only that would happen again…

  16. I haven’t even ventured into the Tweeting thing…

  17. And I’m all “Huh? Tweeting? Is that kinky or just another techno thing I’ve been left out of again?”

  18. i’m with mommytime. i can’t care too much about stinky bar graphs. or i’ll make myself crazy. as for you, just keep writing. i’m with ya!

  19. Oh, good grief, that is awesome.

    I have yet to get that woman to tweet about me. Oh, she’ll write about me elsewhere, but have you seen her twitter following?

    Oh, yeah. You saw it for one day. Fickle crowd. Nevermind. I don’t need them. No! I don’t want them!

    The Bloggess? Your followers are flakes!

  20. First time here, but Megan (Velveteen Mind) shared you in Google Reader.

    I feel ya.

    Imagine what it looks like when The Pioneer Woman links to you. I’ll just go hide in my hole now.


  21. Fools! Fools I tells ya! if they show up here and then don’t stick around for free pie. Well, we LOVE pie. Keep serving it up, and I’ll let you know when I need more ice cream. Which is always.

  22. Omg, that’s so funny! Motherhood Uncensored linked me once and I remember the joy of seeing that huge line on the bar graph and sadly getting no return readers the next day.


  23. Yeah, the same thing happened to me when the illustrious Amalah linked to me once. I would have thought that ONE of the millions she sent over would have subscribed or visited again, but no….my fifteen minutes barely lasted fifteen seconds!

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