Blame it on Sweetney.

She wanted to know what I was doing right now. Right this very minute. She wanted a candid photo. No touch-ups allowed.


You all know that’s a TALL order for me.

But here goes. I didn’t even move my urban sprawl from the chair to check the eye baggage.

It’s late. It’s been a long day. And I apologize in advance. Apparently, I don’t give a flying fart anymore.

Feel like playing? Once the spots fade from your eyeballs, head over to her place and post a link to YOUR realness. And don’t forget to let me know too!



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12 responses to “Blame it on Sweetney.

  1. i love the extra-special RED DEMON EYE look too — grrr!

  2. See, you all look so much better than me! Your hair isn’t matted down on your head. Maybe I should have left the hat on.

    Demon eyes RULE!

  3. Yvie — No fair. Your pic is too good. 🙂

    Sweetney — You have no idea how hard it was to stick to the rules on that one.

    MT — SO not true — your pic is totally cute!

  4. Mommypie, it’s just the b&w. Hides all my moles and whatnot. 😛

  5. Oh Mommypie. Your first comment on my blog (about the princesses) was so much better than my first comment to you 🙂 This may scare you away forever.

    Actually, I’m going to scare all of my readership away. My girls wanted to get in on the action so I thought I’d post all those pictures. I’m heading over there now to do that.

  6. ohigotnothing

    Oh shut it, you look great. I’ve been up, about and out of the house and I still have bedhead.

    Amy in Ohio

  7. omg, you look fabulous! The more I see women in their natural habitats and without cosmetic or plastic accoutrements, and see that they still look beautiful, the more I’m able to look in my own mirror and say “Hey…I’m pretty darn okay without makeup too.”

  8. Hello. You fool. I love you.

  9. here is moi. un-showered. un-smiling. un-retouched. hiding a giant zit.

  10. You should be thanking me that I don’t have my camera cables with me at work.

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