If Bloggywood were on cable …

The Sex and the City cast would look like this:

Pajama Momma as Samantha: “I chew those men up and spit ’em out.”

The Bloggess as Miranda: “But with more cursing and less money.”

Mommypie as Carrie: “Because a lot of you said you were Carrie … but, ahem … you failed to tell me WHO you were. PEOPLE! You left me with no choice but to join the new cast myself …”

Mental P Mama from The Mental Pause Chronicles: “Charlotte, but with a few years.”

Lookin’ good ladies!

Here’s how the numbers came out:

34% of you said you were most like Charlotte.
24% of you said you were most like Miranda.
21% of you said you were most like Carrie.
A mere 6% of you said you were most like Samantha.
2% of you said you were most like Mr. Big.
2% of you said you were most like Smith.
And 7% of you have no idea who these people are.

Apparently, Bloggywood is full of good girls and sharp witted chicks. And just a few ho-bags. (Uh, sorry PJM — LOVE YA!)

I saw the movie last night and, of course, loved it. I walked out of the theater wanting to shop, drink and have sex. All at once. It’s been awhile since I felt that way. Mama LIKE.

So, thanks to all m’doogs who participated in my little poll! The new cast was chosen by random drawing — I had every intention of posting photos but it’s late, and this cast member’s arse, itsa draggin’.


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16 responses to “If Bloggywood were on cable …

  1. I’m wondering when they’re gonna show Sex and the City here? I’m wondering how much they’ve changed?

    I guess if you were to ask me who I can relate most to? It would be half-Charlotte and half-Miranda.

  2. Mommypie–I think Yvie just gave you to a Photoshop CHALLENGE!

    I’m glad you liked it–I’m hearing mostly “yeahs,” a few “nays.”

    I think I might try to see it this weekend.

  3. Didn’t you know there IS a way to shop, drink and have sex? They are called Slumber Parties…you laugh, drink and giggle about sex while the distributor shows you the latest and greatest products to spice up your bedroom. Then you GET YOUR PRODUCTS that night and head home. Your partner is waiting up all showered and excited that you have spent money. No s*%@!

    Best part…the distributor is classy and professional, you could invite your grandmother if you are sick that way. 😉

  4. 1. You have a talent, my friend.

    2. I have got to lose 50 pounds before blogher.

    And die my hair red.

    And have my neck elongated.

    3. I kind of look like those African woman who wear those rings around their necks. But without the rings. And also not African.

    4. Miranda would never leave a comment like this.

  5. Jen

    I saw it this weekend too. I like that “shop, drink and have sex at the same time” – funny! I liked it but didn’t LOVE it. I’ll post a review later on my blog.

  6. Ho-bags need love too. Or at least a few good men. 😉

    awesome, awesome photoshop. You da bomb!

  7. You wanted to shop, drink and have sex?

    I suggest sex with a drunk prostitute – that would be the most efficient use of your time.

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  9. Me Likey too! LOVEY! Great movie, shower scene??? yum.

  10. It’s about TIME we ladies got a little movie wienage, yes??

  11. So clever you are madam mommypie!

  12. Duh-am….you do know how to do the Photoshop thing, don’t you? Crack me up!
    Grins at you,

  13. Never did get into this show.

    Cute photoshop though.

  14. Nice photoshopping! I’m surprised Charlotte was the majority answer…..so sweet and hopeful (says me, the cynic).

  15. Great photoshopping! And yet a bit creepy at the same time. The African neck rings comment cracked me up. I have to go check out my fellow ho-bag, pajama momma now.

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