You Had Me At …

Matter of Fact Mommy tagged me with a meme last week — one she made up, and I love it. In her own words:

The title of this meme is “You Had Me At…”

Here’s the deal…

I want to hear which specific post got you hooked on the blogs that you read regularly. You only have to choose 5 blogs. This way, you won’t feel bad for leaving anyone out. And it can be 5 RANDOM blogs. You don’t have to claim these 5 blogs as your 5 FAVORITE blogs …

So, in no particular order, here are five RANDOM blogs I read and love, and the posts that hooked me.


The Overdose begins with these words:

I overdosed on prescription medication when I was 7 months pregnant. On purpose. I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore.

This post is one of the most brutally honest I’ve ever read. I liked her before I read it. I had nothing but complete and total admiration for her after I read it.


Oh, what can I say about my kindred spirit? I adore her. She’s become a treasured friend (to steal her words) in Bloggywood. It’s hard to come up with just one post that hooked me. They’re ALL so good. Really, what comes to mind isn’t a post at all — it’s her bio. I’ll leave you with that and let you discover all her wonderful entries on your own.


PJM’s a candid chick. I LOVE it. Plus, she’s so easy to read. Because, I admit it. I’m a lazy blog reader. I’m a bullet point kind of gal. Unless it’s a blogger I absolutely love, (and sometimes THAT doesn’t even matter) I see a looong post, and I run. No matter how good. (Because honestly, I’m usually at work, and should be, um, working.) PJM’s posts are Attention Span Approved. She doesn’t dawdle. She’s to the point and she CRACKS ME UP. Poontang: It’s What’s For Dinner. Need I say more?


I had been reading Mommy’s Martini for a few months before I read The Most Difficult Decision You Never Made. It was one of those rare, thought-provoking posts I couldn’t get out of my head. It was disturbing and heart-breaking, and left a mark. I think of her as my “Thinking Mom’s Blogger.”


And last but certainly not least, the instigator of this little meme. San Diego Momma introduced me to MOFM, and I ABSOLUTELY remember the post that had me at hello. I read 7 Random … Confessions and was laughing within seconds. Anyone who confesses to eating a booger and sleeping around is all right with me.

MOFM doesn’t mince words. She has a mouth like a sailor. She vents about family members, but so obviously loves them. Underneath it all, I know she’s just a big softie. Did I mention she’s damn funny?

So there you go. There are so many more blogs I adore (you know who you are, Doogs!), and the list just seems to keep growing. My blogroll is in serious need of updating …

This was fun. Let’s do it again sometime, kay?


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6 responses to “You Had Me At …

  1. Great idea…as I just posted a ‘pay it forward’ post from an award I got. All the blogs I read are my favorite in different ways. I like how this meme explains how any of them hooked you.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you for saying such lovely things. I’m touched.

    And now I can’t wait to check out these new blogs too, as none of them are ones I know. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  3. Deb

    As always, you are way too nice to me. And I’m honored to be in this group. You’ve chosen some great posts and I’m not worthy to be among them.

    I’d never read Moosh’s post before and am so glad I did. What an honest account of her experience.

    And PJ Momma is so right on. Love her.

    I’d read that Mommy’s Martini post before at your recommendation and just popped over the read it again. Powerful. Powerful.

    Finally: MOFM? You pegged her perfectly. She’s my bittersweet (more sweet) babe.

    Love it all, MP! And you know I love you! 🙂


  4. Heh. Thanks so much. I’m humbled. That post was the one I argued with myself on writing for MONTHS if not years. When I finally decided to do it I wrote it on one quick sitting on a random afternoon and never even read it back through until almost a week later. Whew.

  5. More blogs to fall in love with?

    So clearly you want me to be unemployed? Do you want my baby to starve?

  6. What a great meme. I’m going to save this one to try sometime. I don’t read one of these, so I’m off to check out all your links and probably (thanks a lot!) add even more blogs to my already full reader.

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