The post I won’t remember writing in the morning.

12:45 a.m.

“Me? I’m a legend. They call me the Cautionary Whale.”


Running on two hours of sleep, but the DVD’s due back tomorrow so it was a must see tonight. I’m joining the general public on this one — two thumbs waaay up. Who knew unplanned teenage pregnancy could be so heartwarming? Now I feel all warm and fuzzy and ready for bed.

Not unlike the feeling I had ALL DAY.

For whatever reason, I was unable to fall asleep last night until 5 a.m. After hours of lying in the dark, fighting the good fight, I gave up, turned on the light, and read this fabulous NY Times article my hyper-cool city friend Steph emailed the other day. If you’re a blogger, you’ll enjoy it. I’m actually only halfway through — it’s LONG — but I’m confident it’s good to the last drop. I skipped ahead. Go on, read it. Eees good.

Aaand, right here there was a little spontaneous remark about a senator I was nominating for THIS BLOG. An hour later, I realized it might have appeared as more of a personal attack rather than truth in humor. So, I’ve taken it out, along with his photo.


Which totally screws up this transition, but here you go …

Speaking of lesbians, did someone Twitter today that Lindsay Lohan was GAY? Everything kind of ran together.

(Like this post.)

Hookeey, say good-night Mommypie.


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10 responses to “The post I won’t remember writing in the morning.

  1. Oh how I do love Juno. I watched it over and over and still never caught every single peice of wit. It reminded me of a deep, demented version of The Gilmore Girls, which I also love…

    And yes. Lindsay Lohan’s fame-seeking father, Michael, has confirmed that Lindsay is romantically involved with Samantha Ronson, that weird DJ chick that she’s been “friends” with for sometime. Supposedly, they’re moving in together and ARE engaged. At least, this is what Perez tells me.

    On the not being able to sleep thing, I hear you. I woke up at 12:30 AM and was never able to fall back asleep. I finally got up at 3 and cleaned the kitchen. What a horrible night. Melatonin and lots of it…That’s all I’ve found that works for me, unless it’s a script from the Dr.

  2. I haven’t watched movies in…well, I cannot remember how long. Someday I will. Right now I’m just trying to catch up on sleep and paperwork. And maybe even READ A BOOK!

  3. Juno rocked! The soundtrack is awesome too!

    I read that LL is gay, dating and possibly engaged to Samantha Ronson, and they just moved in together. Well, that’s what Perez is saying and he NEVER lies!

  4. I was so close to pushing the ‘purchase’ button on PPV this weekend to watch Juno. But then I didn’t. And now I’m thinking maybe I could just do that this afternoon. Hmmm.

    I love the men who look like lesbians site. So brilliant.

  5. I gotta see Juno soon. Maybe this weekend.

    I’m going to the sneak peek of Sex and the City tonight in Cincy, so I’ve been clearing my brain of all useless knowledge (like what I do at my job and stuff) so I can reload all the episodes for the movie.

    This SATC tidbit has really nothing to do with anything in your post does it? Oops.

  6. If you nominate a bunch of photos for Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians, Keith (the blog owner) may send you a t-shirt. I keep meaning to put the t-shirt on and take my picture and post it, but this sentence is as close to doing that as I’ve come.

    And as for Flavor-of-the-Month Lohan, this:

    When your work is no longer interesting, there’s always your personality. When you personality is no longer interesting, there’s your looks. When your looks are no longer interesting, how about some bizarre and/or racy exploits? When you run out of wacky shit to foist upon the world, you’d better start playing for the other team.

  7. KD

    Juno. Is. Awesome. Really truely love that movie! I may actually purchase it because I loved it so much!

    I will check out the other links later when I actually have a minute to read something more then my daily dose of blogs!

  8. Best movie line ever (from Juno): “It makes his junk smell like pie.”

  9. Bree and The Mom — Deep demented version of the Gilmore Girls. That’s perfect. And about LL — did NOT see that one comin’.

    DG, OWWI and Amy — You MUST see it. Seriously. EVERY line in that movie is awesome. The writers are my idols.

    Foolery — You NAILED it. (No pun intended. Heh heh.)

    KD — I may actually buy it too.

    Jenny — SERIOUSLY. That line made me laugh out loud. I would have all those writers’ babies.

  10. I SO need to see Juno. I’ve given up on watching movies, but I really do need to see that!

    I canNOT believe the Lohan + Sam (the girl DJ) thing. Then again, it’s more like … of course. She’s all over the place –

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