When ’80s dance music and 2008 technology collide.

Every waking moment since posting ‘The Politics of Twitter’ yesterday, THIS has been in my head.

Between that and a continuous mind loop of Obama doing the Running Man, I may need to be committed.

The politics of Twi-tter
The politics of oooo, feelin’ good
The politics of moo-vin’
Is this message understood?



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8 responses to “When ’80s dance music and 2008 technology collide.

  1. atandrade1

    Everytime I think of “twitter” I think of what you can do to your niplets to get labor started in pregnancy. Thanks for making now think this song instead!


  2. atandrade1

    aw dang…it’s The Mom from Cheaper than Therapy. Sorry, I don’t know why I can’t log in all the time.

  3. Well, I think you effectively got the Twitter/song correlation out of my head. 🙂

  4. Gee, thanks. That is EXACTLY the song I needed to get stuck in my head right before I go to sleep!

  5. i haven’t heard this song in at least 20 years! and now you’ve planted this in combination with that running man video in my head. i’m hoping sleep will cure this.

  6. Deb

    That running man video is way hystericaler than anything I’ve seen in awhile.

  7. I never got this song. I understood Kung Fu Fighting sooner than I got this song. I was totally ’80s, too — big hair and everything. I must be dense.

  8. a) Your take on the Politics of Twitter is a microcosm of the entire race this year. Obama gets it (or at the very least his marketing team does), Hillary tries but comes off as cold and insensitive, and McCain says, “Huh?”

    b) The Politics of Dancing. Wow. And don’t forget the “Safety Dance.”

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