The Politics of Twitter

Yesterday I found out Obama Twitters. So, just for fun, I signed up to follow him. He has 33,109 followers, and he follows 34,002. His campaign’s a finely tuned marketing machine. They don’t miss a beat.

So, I checked out Hillary’s site to see if she Twitters. She does. She has 4,019 followers, and follows … NO ONE. Can you say bad marketing move? MAJOR faux pas in my humble opinion. Unless, of course, the goal is to convey total disinterest in her constituents.

Take notes from O, Hill. Nothing says “I care” more than THIS in your inbox.

I feel so important.

I checked out McCain. No Twitter. The man is Twitter-less. Probably not a great move either. Even if he can’t keep up with technology, the least he could do is keep up appearances.

So, because I’m all about equal opportunity, I was going to add all three to my list, just to see what they were talking about. I wound up only adding Barack, purely because his Tweets were slightly more interesting than Hillary’s. Slightly.

They could all do sooo much better. How about sexin’ it up a bit? Let me peek into your life a little deeper. Chances are, it wouldn’t sway my vote either way (which, btw is completely up in the air, and even if it weren’t, I probably wouldn’t tell you. Nothing personal. It’s just that I’m a lover, not a fighter.), but at least it would be interesting.

And who do they think they’re kidding? Does anyone really believe the candidates are truly the ones posting the actual Tweets? At a minimum, they should get aides with a sense of humor.

Or something.

Hey, I’ll be your Twitterho, politicos. Hire Mommypie!

See what I think about when MP naps?

Mkay. Done with the political stuff. Until I post co-work QB’s most excellent pics and commentary from the Obama rally last week …



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6 responses to “The Politics of Twitter

  1. You have no IDEA how much I would love, love, love it if you did the political tweets for the candidates!!!

    If you want, I’ll ask my man Barack if you can have the job. I’m pretty important you know…he IS following me on Twitter…

    Wait a second…did you say he’s following you too? And 34,000 other people???

    I feel so…so…..common.

  2. Okay, we are just getting acquainted with your blog and *so* loving it. Yeppers, we be hooked. Might as well just roll the IV right on in, plug in the drip and let her rip, cuz’ we be in trouble.
    BTW, reading about the Tweets from the candidates and your own personal position on things is so cool, I just knew you would be a uniter and not a divider. (Heh-heh-heh.) But I was a little confused by one thing you wrote when you said “And who do they think they’re kidding? Does anyone really believe the candidates are truly the ones posting the actual Tweets?”
    You mean they’re not? I don’t get it.

  3. I kinda like TwitterPie. I think you should contact all three — well, all TWO — and offer up your services for a fee that will put MP through college. You never know.

  4. McMommy — Sorry for bursting the Obama bubble. You’re still a VIP to me.

    Preppy Princess — Thanks so much for stopping by — love your avitar, btw. You’ve aged so nicely.

    Foolery — I LOVE TwitterPie. LOVE IT! You’ve inspired me — I should do it just to see the response. Ha!

  5. Jen

    Ok, so now I really need to look more into Twitter. I like to stalk celebrities (and Obama fits that bill) so this could be fun. 😉

  6. OK, so I have yet to succumb to twittering. The prospect of it makes me all a-twitter and worried it will be ONE MORE internet addiction that I will have.

    And yet… Obama? He twitters?

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