Boosting my IQ while MP naps.

Watching CNN during MP’s SORELY NEEDED nap, I learned a few things, just from the news ticker.

THIS nipple cream is bad for nursing babies. REALLY bad.

Speaking of babies …

Communists are big fat ones. Members of Russia’s Communist Party are calling for a nationwide boycott of the new Indiana Jones movie, saying it “aims to undermine communist ideology and distort history.” They even went so far as to warn it could provoke another cold war.

It’s a MOVIE, people. A MO. VIE.

Speaking of ridiculousness …

The whole gas thing. It stinks. The nationwide average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline rose to $3.875 today. Retail gas prices are up nearly 10% from a JUST A MONTH AGO and have climbed more than 20% in the last 12 months.

There’s gotta be a better way.

AND, McMommy Twittered, Tweeted, Twatted (that was for you Foolery) that Obama Tweets. Just trying to imagine what THAT would look like.

“Hillary can suck it. I am SO winning this thing.”

“Practicing my dance moves for Inaugural Ball. I loves me some Running Man.” (Oh, pleeese click on that link. It made my night.)

“Sh*t. The dog pooped in the Change Tour Bus. AGAIN.”

Yeah. Think I’ll check it out …

Speaking of commies (waaay back there) …

MP’s response when I woke her up?


Aye aye, Cap’n.



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11 responses to “Boosting my IQ while MP naps.


    First of all, you had me freaked out with the nipple cream warning! Remember, I use it as my lip gloss! I was so scared I was going to click on the link and find out I was slowly killing myself. Good news: not my nipple cream. Whew!

    And your Obama twitters ROCK! Laughing so hard over here! the inaugural dance moves? ha ha ha!!!
    If you think of some other great Obama twitters–twitter them my way!

  2. Yes, well, the bad news is that I just paid $4.10 per gallon at the pump yesterday! And the radio news tells me that in MI, gas stations really should be selling at $4.15-$4.25 per gallon TO BREAK EVEN. But they don’t think consumers can bear that. Jebus!

    Totally unrelated: I just found a bunch of high school prom pictures this weekend, and I want to have a “go back to prom and make it fun this time” retrospective/carnival, in honor of prom season. You in? Wanna promote it with me? If so, email me at MommysMartini [at] gmail [dot]com, and we can coordinate. Have a fun weekend.

  3. If only Obama DID give up the tweets like that…

  4. What was the face that woman made at the end of the running man video?

    I waited the whole time to see if she would do the running man fer reaaallz, but she just did it slo-mo like. I’m a sucka.

  5. $4.08 for gas here in central Cali. Ouch!

    LMAO at Obama and the running man!

  6. McMommy — The first thing I thought of with the nipple cream was YOU! I was betting the brand wasn’t what you used — glad to hear it isn’t!

    MommyTime and The Mom — OVER $4?!? That’s INSANE.

    Steph — How awesome would that be?

    SWM — Okay, I confess. I didn’t watch it through to the end. The woman was crackin’ me up enough with her slo-mo moves …

  7. Gas in central Michigan jumped from $3.99 to $4.19 overnight. It wasn’t very pretty 😦

  8. love your stream of consciousness blogging. gas prices suck. it’s almost $4 here in FL too. In fact, it could be this morning. And running man – I was trying to date her capris, but I don’t think they were ever in style. Could someone tell her that?

  9. When I stopped trying to use Twitter to drive people to my blog (which NEVER worked, not even ONCE) and just concentrated on being an unrepentant smartass, It. Is. So. Much FUN. Whether it’s twitting or tweeting or —

    I think we need to send the dance instructor a slogan to attach to her videos:

    “Taking the Joy and Spontaneity Out of Dance Since 1998.”

  10. Myra — Over $4. World gone mad.

    Foolery — You’re so right about Twitter. And you set the smartass bar high, lemme tell ya. Your Tweets are awesome. And your slogan? BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  11. Bwwaaahaaaahaa!!
    I had no idea Obama (aka My Secret Boyfriend… no matter WHAT McMommy says!) Twittered! Now I feel compelled to tackle my reluctance to do the Twit thing. I feel like its one more addiction I really don’t have time for these days…

    Can’t I be lazy and just read your posts about it??

    Thanks for stopping by earlier. Love your blog!

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