You gotta be kidding.

I’m feeling completely brain dead tonight, so in the absence of anything original, I leave you with this.

If this isn’t evidence of some sort of past life pickle trauma, I don’t know what is.

Your turn. You all know my phobia is boring old GERMS. What’s YOUR phobia? Condiments perhaps?



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13 responses to “You gotta be kidding.

  1. sansoucy

    Oh my gosh, well that is sort of hilarious!!! I LOVE pickles, lol! I guess her and I aren’t meant to be best friends, lol. Mind you, I hate spiders. 😦

  2. My fear? Vomit.
    And my kids have reflux. Do you see the irony in that?

  3. littlemansmom

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwww…it’s gotta be roaches…the big ones…ewww eww ewww!!!!!! Thank goodness I only see them on tv…or at the zoo…but never at home….(ok…now I need to shower…)

  4. Maybe if she got preggo, she would crave them. Miraculously cured!

  5. PICKELS??? Ooooh scaaaaarrrryyyy.

    I’m a total germo-phobe…mostly from other drippy little kids. My kids germs are fine. 😉

  6. Oh, she’s definitely in a pickle with that phobia….


    I’m a germ freak. And I’m terrified to throw up. I am SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL I did not have morning sickness, you have no idea. They would have had to put me on Xanex or something because I get so freaked out about it.

  7. This is the finest high school actress I have ever seen. She has six other drama club friends she planned this with, GUARANTEED.

    Me? Just spiders, and heights. And things that come toward me quickly. And Cher. And seeing people eat on television.

  8. I loved McMommy’s opening comment. Too funny!

    I have a crippling fear of heights. I break out in sweats even if I see it on TV (Tom Hanks on the cliffs edge in Cast Away nearly had me hyperventilating). My family can’t get near an edge or I will completely FREAK. It’s actually kind of embarrassing how frightened I am of it.

  9. My favorite part is “pickles are ruining my life.”

    This is either a fraud or she is seriously phobic. If it’s the latter, then he is cruel and awful for insisting in a snarky smug way that “you’re gonna have to get over this.” A psychiatrist would help a lawyer sue him over that.

    As for me? Cockroaches used to ruin my life when I lived down south. Now, the only thing that really makes me shiver and cringe is tartar sauce.

  10. my thoughts?

    maury is a tool.

  11. Pickles….hahaha. I had a friend once that was afraid of feet and worms.

    My phobia…eyes. That’s why I wear glasses. I can’t get things out of my eyes because it makes me nauseous. I can’t watch people put in their contacts, wipe their eyes, put on mascara or eyeliner. Thinking about it makes me want to puke.

  12. Spiders
    Things that come at you quickly.
    People eating on TV
    More Roaches
    Tartar Sauce

    Doogs. I thought I had issues …

  13. lizards

    they are the devil’s pet
    the jump on me from high places
    they cling to my windows and watch me dress
    they run in front of me, knowing I’ll have a heart attack
    they are pure evil

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