Check it out — we’re in the Urban Dictionary, Baybee! Right next door to DOOCED.

We’ve been accepted. We’re officially legit.

Now, click on the link, and vote to keep it in! And if you’re not a fan of the Doogage, just hang out here. Mkay?

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s gonna be a thing. You heard it here first.

Pass it on, Doogs …



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17 responses to “DOOGS!

  1. I voted, Doogs.

    This is a proud moment in Doog history. Somewhere out there, our founding father, Doogie Howser, is smiling to himself.

    Nice work, Mommy Pie!!!

  2. littlemansmom

    I like it…Doogs….Woohoo!!!!

  3. Deb

    Get your “Vote for Doogs” buttons made! This is going to sweep the nation!

  4. I voted! You’re a rockstar!

  5. So far 10 out of 10 Doogs give it a thumbs up. Way up.

    Myself included.

  6. Yup, I voted for DOOGS, although I am almost positive I won’t be able to pull the trigger and actually USE the slang. I’m still saying “cool” as part of my ’70s hangover. I plan to start saying DY-NO-MITE! any time now. Congratulations!

  7. p.s. Maybe I have a shot at getting “Bloggywood” into some dictionary somewhere? That’s what I call it, and I haven’t seen anyone else call it that. I prefer it to The Blogosphere.

  8. I LOVE Bloggywood! I’m so using that — it sounds like a way better place to visit than the tired, old Blogosphere.

  9. Whoa. This is some heavy stuff. Urban Dictionary!

  10. Doog! Doogie may be your original doog, but you are mine — after all, you invented the word. I love it. I voted. (I tried to vote twice, but it wouldn’t let me.) Love ya, my doog.

  11. That’s AWESOME!!!

    …and you’re neighbors with “Dooced” to boot. Can’t beat that.

    Congrats! 🙂

  12. congratulations to you!!! i’m loving being one of the doogs. you got my thumbs up!

  13. If you’re this passionate about it, I’ll vote all ready!

  14. Yay to doogs. I not only voted, but I totally tried to click on it more than once. I was just going to keep clicking.

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