Mama to Obama. Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes.

It was announced yesterday that Obama will be making a stop here in our little corner of the world next week. Free tix to the Chay-Chay-Chaaaynge U.S. Tour (in my head, OB always has backup singers) were available today from 10 – 12. Around 11, I figured I’d give it a shot and see if any were left — seeing a possible presidential candidate, and an historic one at that, doesn’t happen every day — so MP and I made a trip into town.

Turns out tix WERE available, however, the most excellent FREE kind were sold out. There were, however, plenty of the volunteer two hours and make 150 calls in a room with “SUPER nice” people and THEN get your tix kind left. And when Obama’s perky 20-something gold-star volunteer asked me if I was an Obama supporter, I answered “Why yes! Yes I am!” which sounded so much better than, “No, I’m still 100% undecided about this entire race, and really only interested in FREE stuff.”

And then I gave her my name and address, because somehow I thought that would protect me from those “SUPER nice” people making calls, when in fact, it will more than likely just INCREASE my chances of being harrassed.

I admit it. With a line of people behind me patiently waiting their turn, I panicked. So I asked if MP could have a sticker. If my SUPER CONSERVATIVE WITHOUT KNOWING WHY brother lived here it would SO be going on his bumper. And if Grammy and Poppy didn’t read this blog, I would be outside right this instant, plastering their truck and recording the moment for posterity.

Instead, I’ve decided the stickers are most definitely going on my ultra right wing boss’s car. I may even videotape it, post it, risk exposure, and see how fast I can get my ass fired. (Why helluuu 11-year-old boy. Nice to see you.) Which would leave me free to blog ALL DAY, EVERY DAY (yay!) sinking deep into abject poverty (boo.).

Sounded great until the whole no money thing.

I’m SO doing it.

So back to Obamatown. Alas, no tix, but we left with our stickers, went directly next door to my favorite shoe store and purchased the most adorable pair of Keens for MP. For what I paid (gulp), these will easily be her one and only pair of shoes this summer, but they were so darn cute I couldn’t stop myself.

AND, now we match. Aww.



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24 responses to “Mama to Obama. Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes.

  1. Love the shoes. I thought perhaps, when I first saw that picture, you’d agreed to have her campaigning outside while you were on the phone or something, you know, to cut your phone time in half… 🙂

  2. HA! I didn’t realize it TOTALLY looks like that, doesn’t it?

  3. Have you figured out a way to keep their feet from growing? because pony up, sister — we’re dyin’ here with the new shoes thing (and I have only TWO).

  4. I think you should put them on your bosses car. Just don’t tape it.

  5. what a fun day! and that little mp of yours is over-the-top cute. now I need those shoes!

  6. littlemansmom

    Being Canadian…I refuse to talk American politics (it’s just not fair!) but I will agree…..CUTE SHOES! 🙂

  7. Oohh! I would have loved nothing more than to read Mommy Pie’s blogged version of Obama’s rally! Can you tell them you are part of the media??

    But I will settle for the bumper sticker on an ultra-right wing car.

  8. Deb

    I think you should get yourself fired just so you can blog all day.

    It would be as a favor to your friends who love to read you so.

  9. Have to tell you that I sneaked anti McCain signs and pro Hilary signs into my oh so right winged, staunch republican brother’s house. You rock.

  10. I mean into his yard late at night. I did it at Bush’s last campaign, and him not knowing it was me, put a disclaimer in the paper.

  11. Kendra — That’s awesome.

  12. Well, at least you got cute shoes! That’s what really matters!

  13. Sorry for not being able to get some tixs to see Obama. I been to one of his rallies once and the atmosphere was crazy. It was like being in a championship game.

  14. Queen Bee

    Maybe you’ll have to have a guest writer and I’ll write about the event! Sorry you didn’t get tickets!

  15. another co-worker

    You should TOTALLY put them on our bosses’ car. I’ll watch from inside…

  16. Queen Bee

    Since Another didn’t volunteer to record, I guess I’ll be doing the honors. I’m so excited to be your guest blogger! WEEEEEE

  17. Jen

    You crack me up! I’m adding you to my daily reading. 🙂

  18. I have those shoes too! Now MP and I match! 🙂

  19. Yay, you got a “I’m adding you to my daily reading.” Don’t those totally make your day?

    I LOVE little feet. They can also make your day. I think it’s impossible to look at them and not feel better. Unless you have the bird flu maybe. Or that heart burn in your back. But otherwise.

  20. OWWI, you’re so right — Jen, you DID totally make my day!

    And little feet — sooo yummy.

  21. Those shoes are too cute! I’ve got to find a pair for Ashie.

  22. Keen’s are awesome. My boy and I have matching pairs. Well, mine are green – his are blue. But they are the best. Let me know if any of you find that ‘stop feet from growing’ pill. We need it over here, too.

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