Stepping Outside My Box For A Minute …

Yesterday it snowed. I’m willing to bet it will be beautiful tomorrow. Because that’s been the pattern around here as of late.

It’s exasperating and makes no sense.

Mama Earth is telling us to suck it, folks.

This week’s tragic headlines have left me deeply disturbed. Because while some of these phenomena are purely unavoidable consequences of time, others are anything but.

It’s in these cases that, as far as I can tell, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

And it’s infuriating.

I grew up in a conservation-conscious family. Before my dad (Bobo) gave up corporate life and became a full-time artist, he was a landscape architect. He’s remained a steadfast voice for environmental issues his entire life. My mother ran a successful greenhouse business and is now a garden designer. Their combined love of nature and the importance they place on protecting it were were values instilled in us at an early age. Whether it was watering the lawn with “grey water” from the washing machine, putting bricks in the toilet, or collecting cans and recycling them for a few extra bucks (when I wasn’t pedaling porn), my brother and I knew it was important to take care of our planet.

Even so, front pages like the one above have a much more profound effect on me now that I’m a mother. Like all parents, I want to leave the world a better place for my child. And front pages like the one above freak me out. (Helluuu, Demi Moore? Seventh Seal?) Despite the sheer magnitude of this week’s events, I can’t shake the feeling they’re mere hiccups.

And that Mother Nature is getting ready to vomit.

Big hairy chunks. It would appear she’s had enough. I can’t say I blame her.

We’ve treated her like sh*t. And any lady with an ounce of self-respect wouldn’t take it lying down.


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14 responses to “Stepping Outside My Box For A Minute …

  1. I fully agree. I feel a little like its a pre-cursor to an event like in that movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, and with all the crap we’ve done to mess with Mother Nature, she’s going to let loose on us with a vengeance.

  2. THANK YOU! I completely feel as though, and have been saying so for a couple years now, that Mother Natures is PISSED. I mean…look at Katrina and all the thousands of other “natural disasters” we’ve had. All because people refuse to drive 60 on the highway (which I’ve started doing) and throw crap out their windows…oh yeah, and other pollution. Thanks Mommypie. I’m glad we’re on the same recycled page here.

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  4. I agree. And to certain politicians who STILL claim that there’s no scientific evidence of global warming and that the earth’s wacked-out changes are entirely “cyclical” and normal, shame on you.

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  6. I tend not to anthropomorphize (?) Mother Nature, and I think the events of this week are random, while undeniably and gut-wrenchingly tragic. Are we our own worst enemy? Yup. Have we made huge messes which keep coming back to bite us on our collective ass? Yup. Are we in a warming phase? Yup. Do humans contribute to it? Yup. Do I see these human contributions as causal to a cataclysmic scenario just around the corner? Nope — but I’ll qualify that with the assertion that I am not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV. I am a skeptic and willing to weigh all opinions and voices.

    I don’t say these things to be a jerk, and I don’t often add my opinion to this issue. I feel safe here so I said it. Please make sure the tomatoes you lob are fresh enough for me to make a nice marinara. 🙂

    p.s. You forgot the fires in Florida, which were set by idiots. 🙂

  7. Just posted one but messed up.

    Here goes again.

    I can’t even bear to read the news anymore. Whether it’s the environment, the war, the political climate or the economy – we are so screwed. Something is going to blow. I just hope we make it out okay. And I hope I can take care of Benjamin when it happens.

    Morbid thoughts, I know – but I can’t help but feel completely helpless and as a mother – yes, it is incredibly infuriating.

  8. Hey Foolery — I just got back from the store and whadda ya know? I bought some nice, fresh tomatoes just for your marinara! HA!

    The rational part of me knows that chances are slim to none that a cataclysmic event is likely tomorrow. But it’s the other part that says, “What if?” that gets me going. Remember, you’re talking to someone who had an ulcer at age 8 because there was sooo much to worry about. And since I’m also one to believe there’s no such thing as coincidence, that shoots down any chance of lessening that worry.

    Let’s just say I’m all about “what comes around, goes around” and if I dwell too long and hard on it, it scares the poop out of me to think that — maybe not in our lifetimes, but our children’s — our actions may just wind up leaving us holding the short stick.

    You can play Devil’s Advocate with me anytime — not only does it make for great conversation, it’s educational.

    Anthropomorphize. Really? See? I learned sumpin’ new. 🙂

  9. I have the biggest Girl Blogger crush on you. You’re a Hot Tomato, ha ha ha. And that’s not as scary as it sounds, actually. 😉

  10. We’re even then, ’cause I’m totally YOUR STALKER.

  11. I’m somewhere in between… I like the turn of phrase “Mother Nature is pissed,” actually. Though if you asked me if I *really* think that, I’d probably say, no, this isn’t a revenge scenario; it’s cause-and-effect plain and simple: heat up the planet, the ice melts too fast..and so on down the line of chain reactions. But I totally agree that we MUST do something to try to remedy this before it gets completely out of control. It’s already too late, but we’re still in the better-late-than-never phase, I think.

    (And can you tell that I’m the oldest of four and was often tasked with being the diplomatic resolution bringing in the family?)

  12. I feel similarly concerned even though my mom insists global warming is a just a Democratic conspiracy theory.

  13. nobody slings a metaphor like miss mommy pie. and i agree, we’ve done some cruddy stuff to the environment. but we have to figure out how to use our resources wisely while being responsible. hmmm.

  14. Deb

    Hopefully, we’re only on the #5 seal…we’ve got one more before we really blow it.

    We’re learning, I think.

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