Oh How I Love The Fruitcake Lady

Here’s a belated Mother’s Day gift for all you mamas. Sage advice from THE mother of all mothers.

Miss Puss.



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7 responses to “Oh How I Love The Fruitcake Lady

  1. I prefer cheesecake. Do they have a cheesecake lady?

  2. OH my heavens never have seen this, miss puss Oh my lands.

  3. Jen

    Where on earth do they find these people??!! I love how she answered the gingerbread question. She’s really funny without trying to be and that is the best kind of funny!

  4. Deb

    I’d like to comment, but based on The Fruitcake lady’s advice, I need to run out for my brazilian wax.

  5. Now I love the Fruitcake Lady, too!

    And I think it’s about time I get off my a$$ and mow the lawn!

  6. Yes, I’d like to know where you shop around? I need to visit this funny store!

  7. Uh oh. That last bit reminded me of my mom (she’s MUCH younger though.) She doesn’t swear in front of the kids (much) anymore.

    Too funny!

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