The Difference Between Boys and Girls

After waking yesterday morning, lounging around in our PJs and doing absolutely nothing to clean up the disgusting pit our house had become over just two short days, I suddenly realized we had a birthday party to go to in two hours. And no present.

If it had been a girl’s party, I could’ve dug something out of THE BOX in the back of my closet. A tradition picked up from my mom, THE BOX contains an assortment of little things picked up here and there, put away for sick days, sad days, and just such occasions as this. THE BOX includes re-gifters too, but somehow, I didn’t think a boy turning five would appreciate that Cabbage Patch doll with the overpowering scent of baby powder that proved too much for MP’s asthma. (Uch, too much for Mommypie, even. Note to Cabbage Patch Company — BAD IDEA.)

So, after dressing MP in the very last available pair of clean pants and the second to last clean shirt in the house — completely mismatched, I might add (because I’ve been locked in the house with a sick four-year-old for two days and just haven’t had time to do laundry. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.) — I ripped through a shower, quickly toweled off, and realized I left my makeup bag at work.

Which, on any other weekend, would be no big deal, however, early Monday morning I’m being interviewed on local radio.

I am aware that sounds completely ridiculous … helluuu – radio? I do understand listeners will not actually be able to HEAR my lack of makeup. But it irritated me just the same. (This might sound all rock star, btw, but trust me, it’s anything but. Just work stuff.)

The two of us ran out the door — me with my Clinique sampler face (thank you Jesus for Bonus Days at Macy’s), and MP looking like an impoverished flower child, whining that she didn’t like wearing jeans, because they had a BUTTON –and headed to WalMart.

Christmas has nothin’ on Mother’s Day. The place was packed.

This was our first time choosing a gift for a boy over the age of two, and it was … weird. After the obligatory browse through the “girl” aisle, we finally settled on this.

It was a hit.

Who knew?

Moms with boys, that’s who.

Looking back on our clothes and makeup drama-filled morning, the difference between the sexes couldn’t have been illustrated more clearly.



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11 responses to “The Difference Between Boys and Girls

  1. Oh MommyPie, I’m giggling aloud right now. Let me reassure you that some things are exactly the same. My 4-yr-old Son HATES pants with buttons because he can’t do them himself. He is also very particular about what he wears in other regards: for example, just in case you need to buy clothes for a 4-yr-old boy at an point, a shirt with “bad guys” or “something scary” on it will always be most welcome. These will ideally include Transformers or other horrible commercial things, but if you can’t stand those on clothes (as I can’t), then sabre tooth tigers or roaring dinosaurs are always a good option.

    See? It’s just FOUR to care about your clothes. The particular preferences, however, seem to be all about boy or girl…

    PS If you ever have to choose a present again for a boy MPs age, and you have more than a nanosecond to choose (yeah, I never have more than that either, so who am I kidding), email me and I’ll tell you Son’s top three favorite items at the moment. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. yup, huge difference between boys and girls…
    my son hates pants with strings. actually, he hates any pants that aren’t sweatpants, or “soft pants.”

    as far as bday presents go? well, we are notorious for showing up at bday parties empty-handed. i find nothing wrong with that, and when people show up to our parties empty-handed, i never care because the kid always ends up with more than they need anyway. 🙂

    happy mother’s day! hope you and MP are doing something fun… daddy took BB for breakfast and garage sales, so it’s just me and BS eating scrambled eggs and toast… dinner tonight with the family. 🙂

  3. Deb

    If it’s any small consolation, my kids look like impoverished flower children ALL the time. I’m all over the hobo look.

    Also, what is the thing you bought?

    I need one, I’ve got a 5-year-old boy visiting in a few short days!

    Am desperate for non-Barbie toys!

  4. MT — MP’s hatred of buttons borders on the psychotic. Seriously — click on the link in this post to see my earlier ‘button’ post. She says she can SMELL them. And it’s been going on FOR.EV.ER. Next time I need to buy a present, I’m TOTALLY emailing you!

    MOFM — Yikes, that’s a little close to MOFO, isn’t it? HA! I think we should work on an arranged marriage between your son and my daughter — they could hang out together in sweatpants all day, every day and be in HEAVEN.

    Deb — Glad you’re on the Hobo Train w/me. The toy is a Transformer — I learned ALL about ’em yesterday, and lemme tell you, they are IT, as far as 5-year-old boys are concerned.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

  5. Oh a TRANSFORMER, whew. For a minute there I thought it was a new Cher doll, but then, that would require some more plastic.

  6. Jen

    Happy Mother’s DAy!

  7. as the mom of a 5 yo boy, i can vouch for the love of transformers. he got one for his birthday last year, and it was love at first sight. included in his toy lovefest is anything lego, remote “con-control” or anything in the noisemaker category. but the good news is that he’ll happily wear whatever i tell him he looks good in.

  8. sansoucy

    lol, lol, I have three boys I know exactly how you feel. . .and YES my boys are ALL obsessed with Transformers too, lol 🙂 Good choice! Hope the party went well 🙂

  9. Isn’t that funny! After growing up with 2 younger sisters and being a girl myself, you’d think I’d have an idea what to get a little girl for her birthday…BUT…after raising a boy alone for 8 years, your brain gets stuck in that mode…I am usually clueless as to what to buy….but somehow, we figure it out. It usually includes me asking a ‘mom’ in the store with a girl about the agegroup I’m looking by her side!

  10. liz

    Good call on the gift…my almost-4 year old would LOVE to get one of those for his birthday. I can’t make those darn things transform into anything, but he can whip them from car to Mr. Transformer Dude is 10 seconds flat.

  11. nice work! I’m horrible at picking out boys’ gifts. I always end up getting something “educational” like a National Geographic ant farm, or a Leap Frog Leapster (? I think that’s right?) – BORing

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