Mother’s Day Conversation

Earlier today, MP saw something on TV mentioning Father’s Day along with Mother’s Day.

Heeyy … there’s a FATHER’s Day too?

Mmm hmm. But we celebrate GRANDfather’s Day instead.

Oh yeah.

(big smile)

Is there a KID’s Day?

Yep. Every day.



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7 responses to “Mother’s Day Conversation

  1. isn’t that the truth?

  2. I had the SAME conversation with Son yesterday… wondering when the kids’ day was after learning there was also a father’s day. Isn’t it funny how their trains of thought go?

    Hope you had a great day yesterday.

  3. my son always makes a card for “Poppy” (my dad) for father’s day. We’ve juyst started calling it Poppy Day. 🙂

  4. In Japan they have “Children’s Day” and even the stock market is closed down on that day. Its like a major national holiday. GO Japan!

  5. Tracy — We call my stepdad Poppy too! Poppy Day is too cute.

    Hanna — WOW. That’s actually pretty cool. Let’s write a letter — we have far too few national holidays in the U.S., wouldn’t you agree?

  6. Doesn’t EVERY parent get programmed with the same auto response:

    “EVERY day is Children’s Day.”

    I know I heard it when I asked, and I heard myself say it last year.

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