Five, Not Six, Things About Me

I was tagged last week … yikes, maybe it was two weeks ago … by The Queen Chimes In to do a Six Things About Me meme. I did a Confessional meme awhile back, which I suspect is the same one making it’s way across the blogosphere, but I’m game for another round if you are … I am after all, chock full of, er … things. (This one is a bit less scandalous than the previous.)

1. I spent a year and a half in the 90s working graveyard shift (no joke) in the Organ Donation industry, triaging potential donors across the country over the phone. I LOVE this very worthy cause.

Mkay, so, right here, I went on and on and on, got a little too zealous and long-winded, thought better of it and deleted. Instead, I’ll narrow it down to the two most important things everyone should know.

a. Doctor’s will NEVER let you die simply for your organs. This is an absolute urban myth. There’s a whole battery of tests the patient must go through to declare brain death.

b. Most importantly: Convey your wishes, whatever they are, to your loved ones. Just talk about it. Because in the event of your death, they will be the ones to make the call. Even if your license is marked “Donor,” they can negate it. Or vice versa. It happens.

2. I worked my way through college as a bartender. I had the closing shift five nights a week. With those hours, it took me six years to make it through school, so there was plenty of time to hone valuable Bottle Spinning, Show-Offing skills.

I gave away a lot of drinks. Hence, I had a lot of friends. More than anything I loved listening to everyone’s stories. It’s true what they say — people DO really tell bartenders everything.

Oooh, the tales I could tell. Some even involve celebrities. One involves a certain male celeb with the initials RL, and a little pregnancy test. (NO, not mine, PEOPLE.) And another even involves the Couch-Jumping Lunatic himself. Must remember to post about this.

3. I am a terrible cook. We had pancakes and sausage for dinner last night. And the night before. Biiigg fans of breakfast for dinner at the Pie House. We’ve been on a roll.


4. I always enter the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweeps. Hey, someone has to win.

5. I had an ulcer at age eight. I was scared of the dark. I was scared of spooks. And burglars. And the Night Stalker. I was a child who worried. A LOT.

So there you go … more fascinating Mommypie factoids.

And I changed it to FIVE things, btw. I’m so not a fan of the number six. OCD thing.

(But I suppose THAT right there could count as six …)



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3 responses to “Five, Not Six, Things About Me

  1. Definitely want to hear the bartender stories! Excellent, I’m sure.

  2. Don’t underestimate breakfast for dinner-it’s my favorite.

  3. We do breakfast for dinner about twice a month, and Mommy has cereal for dinner on Thursday nights (Stoopid Television Nights) when the kids are flopping around restlessly in their beds and I’m watching Stoopid Television. And crunching.

    I think we should have a Bartender-off, armed only with the deeply personal tales people have told us. And I wasn’t even a bartender, I just have Bartender Face (it’s a real condition. I invented it).

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